How to Plan a Awesome Sweet Sixteen

Everyone is always talking about their sweet sixteen. However, even though you want your party to be huge and unforgettable, you lack ideas about what to do. Here is the checklist of how to plan an awesome sweet sixteen.


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    Figure out the theme- You can't throw a sweet sixteen without a theme now can you? Find a theme that represents you but is also unique. Here are some ideas of themes you could do:
    • Las Vegas
    • Candy Land
    • Carnival
    • Pajama party
    • Zebra stripes and/or leopard pattern
    • Mardi Gras
    • Ball theme
    • Hawaiian luau
    • Circus
    • Glow in the dark
    • Alice in wonderland
    • Hollywood
    • Masquerade
    • Cupcakes
    • Paris
    • Spa party
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    Find your location. You have to host the party somewhere. The place that you hold your party at can be anywhere. It can be at home, at a banquet hall, or somewhere that follows your theme. For example, if you are hosting an Alice In Wonderland party, you might want to host the party outdoors. Remember that you do not have to host your party somewhere that follows your theme because you can just decorate it later to make it follow your theme.
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    Figure out your guest list. You can't just give out invitations to whoever, you have to have a guest list. In order to have a guest list, you must know how many people you want there. Do you want a small party with around 20 people or a big party with over 100 people? Once you have your number figured out, figure out who you want to invite and give out the invitations. Make sure to double-check your list and make sure that you haven't forgotten anyone important.
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    Send out the invitations. Invitations are very important because they set the tone for your party. They don't have to be store bought but they have to go with your theme and make your party look very appealing.
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    Don't forget the cake! Your sweet sixteen cake has to also follow your theme or represent you in a different way. Your cake should also be unique. If you enjoy baking, you could make it yourself, otherwise order it from a store or bakery. You could also try a variation on cake such as cupcakes, ice cream cake, etc.
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    Find your outfit. This step is mostly meant for girls. You want to stand out and feel special so find that outfit that makes you shine! Decide whether you want to wear a formal dress/ballgown, a semi-formal dress, or something more casual. You might even be able to get your outfit to fit in with your theme, for example if you're throwing an Alice in Wonderland party, have a blue dress like Alice. It's also important to figure out who is doing your hair and makeup. Are you doing it yourself? Is a friend/family member doing it for you? Or are you going to a spa or salon to get it done? Don't forget finishing touches such as manicures, pedicures, accessories and shoes!
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    Plan your grand entrance. Some people might not want too big of an entrance so if you don't, you can skip this step. If you do want the huge entrance, you have to figure out what to do. When do you want to enter your party? What is your dream grand entrance? Do you want something totally unique and never-before-seen, or something that's been done before but that you know will work? Do some research and figure out the grand entrance you want.
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    Decorate your party space. Even if the location of your party follows your theme, you still want to decorate. Obviously, the decorations have to go with the theme. For example: don't have Hawaiian decorations if your theme is Hollywood. You can find lots of decorations at specialty party stores that are available to purchase or to rent for the day.


  • Figure out your budget before hand.
  • Have an alcohol-free party. Although it might seem fun at first, alcohol can get out-of-hand quickly, and drunk guests can easily ruin a party, especially when they're under-aged.
  • Only invite people you really know

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