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The maid of honor is usually the individual responsible for planning a bachelorette party. However, if the maid-of-honor lives out of town, another bridesmaid may tackle the responsibility. Because the ultimate objective is to give the bride a fun and memorable night, you should make sure all factors in the party planning process are taken into consideration. Deciding what and how to proceed with such a task can be made easy if you follow the correct procedures.


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    Request a list of the females in the wedding party since they will be involved in the bachelorette party plans. Depending on the type of event you want to organize, you may want to include both the bride and groom's mothers. Consult the bride to see if she would like to invite anyone else.
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    Decide on a date for the event. If it's not a surprise for the bride, then you can include her in this decision, along with the girls in the wedding party. However, the bride should not be involved in any further decision making.
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    Discuss budget with the wedding party ahead of time when planning the bachelorette event. Everyone will be contributing, so make sure everyone is satisfied with what they will have to pay. Include all costs involved during the whole event, including travel, food and cover charges. Remember to divide up the bride's portion between guests so that she doesn't have to pay for anything.
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    Come up with a creative bachelorette party idea. Strippers and sex toy demonstrations may be offensive to some, so take all guests into consideration. Consider a day at the spa or the beach, a concert, or dinner and a club as inclusive events. If the budget allows, then think about a night or two at a fancy resort that includes a spa treatment and expensive dinner. If you have enough people, ask the restaurant to create a set menu so that everyone knows the cost of the meal up front.
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    Remember to arrange a ride or designated driver if you are planning a night that includes drinking alcohol. Some bigger cities have party buses or party peddlers for rent. A limousine can also be rented for the evening.
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    Purchase fun wedding accessories for your bride to wear so everyone will know it is her special night, like a sparkle tiara or wedding veil. The other guests may also want to wear something special to stand out from the crowd, like feather boas.
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    Don't forget wedding or theme decorations if your event is in a home or function room. Make posters with the bride's new name, hang streamers and blow up pictures of her fiancé .
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    Come up with fun games to play if you decide to have a bachelorette party at a home. Scavengers hunt, bride trivia, or pin the tail on the male are just a few ideas.
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    Purchase invitations that match the theme of the bachelorette party, and send them out with enough time for guests to RSVP. Many of these events require booking, so you want to have a good count of people early enough to make a reservation. Remind guests that the event is a surprise, if it is, and inform them of any cover fees or other costs they have to come up with.
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    Ask guests to pay you ahead of time in cash for all expenses. You can then pay for everything the night of the party to alleviate confusion of dividing up checks.


  • Take into account the likes and dislikes of the bride when planning the bachelorette celebration. The whole point of the event is to make her happy. Arranging a raunchy night for the sake of shocking a reserved bride will only result in a spoiled evening for everyone.

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