How to Plan a Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt

Two Methods:Know Your BrideGet Creative

Looking for a spicy way to celebrate a friend’s impending nuptials? Interested for a bachelorette party that will incite both laughs, a little blushing and memories the bride and friends can keep forever? Instead of the same old bachelorette party, get the party started (or ended) with a bachelorette scavenger hunt.

Method 1
Know Your Bride

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    Have an idea about what will add spice to the party without making your bride cringe. Some brides go for the really dirty, raunchy hunts whereas others might head under the table the first sight of a sex toy.
    • Ask your bride which types of items/topics are off limits. If strippers make her freak or she’s on the wagon make sure you know which items/ activities are a no no.
    • Consider talking to close friends about what she might like or enjoy. Your pal may not fess up to what she likes or doesn’t like so tap into a reliable resource to pump for information.
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    Think of ways to not only add intrigue to the scavenger hunt but also sentiment. This doesn’t have to be a total smut-fest; you can inject some sentimental or sweet overtones into the hunt.
    • Consider using a reference from her childhood for the hunt. Perhaps find a picture of her first love or first kiss to integrate into the hunt might elicit some ooh’s and ah’s.
    • Plant an old friend or someone the bride hasn’t seen in many years in the hunt. Make sure the bride finds this person first (or plant the person at the very end) and then invite the person to join in the party too.

Method 2
Get Creative

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    Avoid the obvious scavenger hunt ploys. Host the event at an unusual spot or make it a destination scavenger hunt.
    • Make the travel part of the hunt. Arrange for transportation and have drivers or a secretive map so everyone doesn’t know where exactly they are headed.
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    Create something that is easy to follow and play. Don’t generate a scenario where the bride and your game players will need to apply a mathematical formula to figure out who is winning. Make it simple and easy to follow so your teams aren’t overly focused on calculations and instead on fun.
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    Bring in a variety of elements from the bride’s “favorite things.” Try to infuse a little of the bride’s favorites such as quotes or elements from her favorite movie, music, food or job. For example, one task could be to find someone in the room who is wearing the same clothing or says a famous quote from her favorite movie.
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    Do something salacious but not overly embarrassing. Of course many bachelorette parties can turn into a “girls gone wild” evening or weekend, but try to inject a certain level of class or decorum into your scavenger hunt. Adding in a few clues/tasks that may leave her red faced or bashful is fine but avoid going overboard such as obsessive drinking or worse, cheating on her future spouse.
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    Have fun with this game. The goal is to prompt laughter so make sure your hunt is one where everyone has a good time.
    • Don’t include tasks that would embarrass or humiliate anyone (including anyone not in attendance).
    • Get camp for fun. Make one of the tasks to take a photo with a drag queen or go roller skating and perform YMCA at the rink.


  • Don’t forget to award prize(s) to winners.
  • Create a tally sheet for every participant/team.
  • Provide goodie bags or supplies for each team to complete the hunt.


  • Never encourage the bride to do something that is either illegal or compromise the state of her engagement.

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