How to Plan a Fun Party

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    Decide on a theme or "hook." Choosing some unifying element will make your invitation stand out and give your guests something to get to know each other around. For example, you might do a wine or food tasting, a board game night, or an 80s party. For kids, a slumber party is always a popular choice, or you might have a Disney theme, pirates vs. ninjas, or a sports party.
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    Compile a guest list. Invite more than you have room for. Don't invite some people, and then add more once people start to RSVP "no." This will make those who weren't invited first feel bad, and it's awkward for everyone. You're unlikely to have everyone decide to come, so always invite a few more than you would want at the party. Try to invite people from different groups of friends so that one person or a few people don't feel left out. Be clear in the invitation whether friends are welcome. If you're concerned about having enough food or beverages, ask everyone to bring something. This can tie in with your theme. You might even consider a gift swap where everyone brings a small gift to trade.
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    Have games or other specific things to do prepared. If everyone's happy with conversation, food, and drink, then you may not need them, but it's good to have something ready for a lull in conversation. This can be simple as darts, Twister, or a party board game like Apples to Apples. Kids might enjoy Truth or Dare, doing makeovers, or a cooking project.
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    Have plenty of food and drink. People can always take home leftovers, and it's better to have too much than too little. Think about foods that are easy to prepare and don't all require a lot of work right at once. If you are going to be doing some food prep during the party, make sure you have something easy to set out first, like party mix, cheese and crackers, fruit, or chips. Be sure to have non-alcoholic beverage options, and something with caffeine. If you're offering soda, have diet and regular options. For a kids' party, you might try making a fruit punch or non-alcoholic version of a cocktail for fun.
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    Decorate to highlight your theme. If you really want to stick with a theme, the decorations should keep your guests in the mood. You can also have interactive elements like a special guest book or themed party games. For example, for a pirate party you could clear an area of floor space and surround the edges with cushions for toy sword fighting.

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