How to Plan a Pajama Jam

Are you having a pajama jam and don't know how to plan it? Is the thought of having to plan and get it together just too much for you? Well, this step-by-step guide will give you the perfect planning guide to your soon-to-be-fantastic pajama jam!


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    Choose a location. A large place to hold your jam in, such as a gym, is preferable.
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    Gather your materials. They can be found in the "Things You'll Need" section.
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    Hire a DJ. Try hiring a cheap one, as DJ's can get costly.
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    Plan your time frame (such as 6:30-8:30). The time frame is the length of the party.
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    Set your materials up. If you are holding the party in a gym, put the sound booth up, set up tables for eating, and have a large container for the drawing (optional).
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    Try thinking of a theme other than pajamas. Maybe you could do something for under the sea and wear under the sea pajamas.
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    Put on the strobe lights if you have them and put all the necessary items on all the tables, when it comes to the night of the pajama jam. If you are going to be having games, you will need to set up all the stations for the games. You will be doing your final touches the night of the event, preferably 1 hour before it starts.
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    Start getting the food on plates and the drinks poured. You will want to serve this about 30-45 minutes into the event.
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    Start the drawings if you are doing so, about 16 minutes in. You will have about 8 drawings if you are having the event for about 2 hours, but of course it is your choice. You should aim at doing 2-4 prizes each drawing, and for the last drawing, aim at 4-8 prizes as the end.


  • When bringing the drinks, remember you will need ice.
  • Try having a contest. This will be where you have each person write their name on a slip of paper, and they put it into a large container. Every 15-30 minutes, you will pull out a name and the person with that name will get a prize. This is not essential, but fun.
  • If you plan to serve pizza, pick it up around 2 hours before the event.


  • Don't charge too much for the tickets, or else no one will come (probably not, at the least).

Things You'll Need

  • Ice
  • Cups (Solo cups are great)
  • Ice scooper
  • Paper plates
  • Large container for drawing
  • Prizes
  • Stereo system
  • Snacks and refreshments (pizza and soda are recommended)
  • Sound booth

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