wikiHow to Plan a Pool Party

Everyone loves pool parties, right? Well, you want one too, huh? Then read this and you'll have an awesome pool party!


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    Find a pool. Either use your own pool, rent one out or go to a pool at a hotel. Pick a way that's best for you! If you already have your own pool, that's great because it is quick and easy, and it's private; nobody else can be there to annoy you. Another option is to go to a community pool.
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    Decide the date of your party. Would you prefer it on your birthday, or another day closer to it? However, you need to see if someone is having their party on the same day as you are planning to, so people don't get stuck deciding who's party they want to go to! Look at the weather for different days, you want a nice, hot day to cool off.
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    See who you'll invite, and how many. Do you want a few friends, or your whole grade? And do you want it to be a mix of girls and boys, all girls, or all boys? See what's easier, and what's in budget!
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    Make the invites! If you're inviting loads of people, hand them out at school; you don't really need to put the names, since it's a lot of people. If you're inviting a few, you could also make invites, and add the names to make them more personal, or just text, email, or call them
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    See what food and drinks you want for the party. Maybe pizza, Chinese/Japanese food, soft drinks and juice will probably work. See what suits you and most of your friends
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    Decide if you want to have the party all at the pool, or maybe a disco thing to it at the end! Find a DJ, or maybe one of your parents would do it (that is, if you can convince them!) Make a list of music that you want and play it back.
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    And now hand out the invitations!


  • All this has to be OK with your parents, and the amount of money they're willing to pay for everything!
  • Have a few games in mind that you could play while swimming. Marco Polo, Categories, or Shark and Minnows are great for kids and preteens.
  • Start saving money to help with the cost.
  • For a cake, (if you're going to have one), see what kind you'd want, normal cake, or something drawn or written on it.
  • When you have a pool party, you don't have to have a cake, you can have cookies cupcakes and other stuff.
  • If you don't want to use invitations for your party, you could try emailing, calling or texting your guests for the invites.


  • supervisor
    *Make sure that you have someone supervising at all times, in case there is an accident in the pool!

Things You'll Need

  • A pool
  • Food
  • Invitations
  • Swimsuit
  • Extra towels
  • Extra sunscreen
  • Music
  • Pool toys (floats, water balls, rings, noodles etc.)
  • Water games
  • A reasonable number of people to invite

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