How to Plan a School Carnival Using Conference Calling

School carnivals are not only a fun way to gather students and their families, but they are also a great way to raise money for your school. There is no doubt that planning one can be indeed stressful. To ensure its success, you need to spend huge amounts of time, energy and effort. You have to think of the place where it is going to be held, the games that students, teachers, or simply people of all ages can enjoy, the events that everyone will find entertaining and the food. Moreover, as if those factors are not enough, you will also need to consider the season, the number of attendees and most importantly, the cost. Planning a school carnival yourself is totally possible; however, you can make it easier and faster for you if you can seek the help of other parents and staff members and if you follow a thoroughly planned schedule in order to complete tasks on time. Listed below are some suggestions to ensure that you come up with a successful school carnival.


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    Determine the games, events and food. These three categories are the most important parts of the school carnival. You would want to make sure that you cater to the expectations of students, teachers and all other attendees. Giving out surveys and reaching them one by one may take forever to finish, so in order to this easily, you can simply use a conference calling tool which will enable you to contact numerous people all at once and ask them for the games, events and food that they want to be present in the carnival. Not only are you giving them what they will surely enjoy but you will also be saving money spent on unwanted expenses.
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    Be smart about the food choices that you would want to include for the school carnival. Make sure that they are easy enough to prepare so that students as well as other parents or teachers can instantly offer their help when you need it. Aside from that, since it is a school carnival, it is suggested to limit it to finger food types only to make it easier for attendees to eat.
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    Assign responsibilities. After planning the games, events and food, you need to assign the responsibilities to make sure that the school carnival goes on smoothly. Instead of using a sign-up sheet and giving out reply slips for parents, you can use free conference calling services instead. Not only will you be allowed to easily talk with multiple people at the same time, but you will also be getting the answers that you need in an instant giving you more time to double check duties and assigned tasks.
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    Double check everything. Do not rely on your memory alone and overlook listing down small tasks. Make sure that you include every little detail on your list to guarantee that you didn’t miss anything. The last thing that you would want is to panic on the day of the carnival because of unmanned kiosks or unattended events. However, unfortunate events do happen, so it is suggested that you create a list of people on your conference calling tool that you could easily contact if ever any emergencies happen.
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    Make use of conference calls. Some events are unsuccessful because of the lack of communication between the handlers. To make sure that you have everything under control, you need to have better communication between the students, parents, and other staff members who are part of the planning committee. This is possible with the use of conference calls. By making use of them, you will be able to contact them immediately if ever you have questions and you can handle issues instantly without any delays. Furthermore, schedule conference call dates with all of those included in the planning committee so you can keep track of your progress and make sure that everything is in order for the big day.

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