How to Plan a Small Party with a Few Friends

Some people may think that a party isn't a party without lots of people. This article will disprove that theory. You can still have fun at your little party or group gathering. This article will help you host your own get together.


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    Find a location to help plan ahead of time. With friends, figure out where you want to go, so that you can plan arrangements and make all the necessary preparations.
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    Get permission. If you live with somebody else, such as your parents, friends, or significant others, you might want to ask them before planning a party at your place. They need their privacy, too, and if they're not keen about the idea, host it somewhere else. Respect their decision.
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    Pick specifics in advance:
    • Who. Be sure to put your name on the invitation, whether it is just you alone or a group.
    • What. Description of party: something that fits the theme, but cleverly sneaks in information at the same time. Set the tone of the party. Tell them a little of what you will be doing, what they should bring, and if the event is formal or informal. If necessary, give advice about specific clothing. For example, if your party includes some social events that might get clothing dirty, include that information.
    • Where. Location of the party is crucial for those with transportation needs. Include address, directions, and even offer rides or suggest bus/subway routes.
    • When. Include the time and date in your invitations.
    • Why. If desired, include additional, personal information about your party. Be specific and give a strong reason, or multiple reasons, why you're hosting a party.
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    Make invitations. Hand make these or use a computer. Figure out a theme, if any, for your miniature party, and use the appropriate wording, pictures, font, background, etc. For example, if your theme is the supernatural, include a Werewolf or a Vampire on the front. Use a Gothic print if your computer has it, such as "Vivaldi", or something with an old English look. Your background may be ghosts or something rather. The tone would be mysterious, and possibly dark. Make the invitees feel like that picture on the wall is watching them.
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    Invite friends. Go out with your invitations to your closest friends, or those who you feel you need to get to know better. The maximum limit is six. This is a small party.
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    Buy refreshments. Make sure you have food and beverages everybody can enjoy. Simple treats such as cakes, biscuits, cookies, and tea are always good choices. Know your guests' dietary needs ahead of time. For example, if one or more guests are vegetarians, don't put meat on all of your party appetizers.
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    Organized the entertainment. For smaller parties, focus on inexpensive entertainment. Design your own games, projects, activities, or events. Only use a DJ or professional entertainers if they are friends, and only if they can also enjoy the small party without performing the entire time.


  • Don't spend a whole bunch of money on something. Think of the party as a get-together, or tea time. Nobody spends a lot of money on tea, do they?
  • Send out invitations a week or so before the actual event. Some people are slow thinkers and take awhile to respond.
  • Have fun with it!
  • Consider a sleepover, especially with a party of all girls. They don't really sleep; they talk and gossip all night, etc.
  • Throw a surprise party.
  • If it's at school ask permission from your teachers. If however, you want to do this under the radar, plan it during lunchtime or in a part of the school where teachers are least likely to find.
  • Don't worry if your parents say no, just try it another time.
  • Make sure every thing you plan you agree with that person who is helping you do it.


  • Don't be sad if someone turns you down. Just invite another person.
  • Don't go all-out for the party. Just wear and use what you have, and make the place location look nice. For example, an expenditure of $20.00 (10£) is plenty.

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