How to Play ''Country Snap''

Country Snap is a game that is quite similar to the game Snap! except that Country Snap requires concentration and a good memory. This game is a lot of fun with friends and strangers alike, as it brings you together in a spirit of amusement and sharing.


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    Give an equal amount of cards to every player.
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    Think of a country and announce it to everyone playing.
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    Everyone must then memorize all other players' choice of country (excluding their own).
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    Hold all your cards faced down on your palm.
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    Allow the youngest player to start. He or she does this by putting down a card face up on the table/floor.
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    The next player then puts down any card from his/her deck in the same way.
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    This goes on until 2 players have the same card; for example, 4 and 4; the suit does not matter.
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    Now comes the challenging part. You now try to say the other player's choice of country before he/she says yours. For example, if the other player's choice is Germany, then say Germany as quickly as you can.
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    Get loser of step 7 to take all the cards that the other player has already put down and the game will continue in this sequence.
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    The game ends when a person has put down all of his/her cards.


  • You can choose a country that is hard to pronounce to make things trickier for the other players.
  • If you want to cheat for fun and see those beginners hopelessly collect all your cards, you can make a mark (a bend or a small dot) on a particular card, for example, 4, 3, etc. When another player plays that number, you put the card down and (if you followed the previous tip) effortlessly say the other player's choice while he/she tries to say your choice, but can't! You can make marks on as many cards as you like, but remember to put different marks and memorize where each card is or else this cheat won't work.
  • You can also change the subject to anything; try food or brand names if you think you've had enough of countries.
  • Laugh when you say the wrong thing or lose, that will make other players laugh too and have a great time!


  • Try not to cheat, as your friends might get suspicious and it's not a great way to go about playing.
  • Don't always choose hard choices, or else your friend(s) might get sick of losing and quit.

Things You'll Need

  • A deck of cards
  • A stable surface.
  • Two or more players; this game doesn't quite work as a solitary game.

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