How to Play Art O Battlers Collectable Card Game

The Art O Battlers is a Card Game for two players in what each player uses his characters to fight the other player's characters. Cards may have sprites to represent attacks or counterattacks of characters for entertaining simulation. Learning how to play the card game is mostly based on studying graphic icon, number and Color coding, Abbreviations and symbols rather that physical steps. To ease the procedure, extra information has been added to each steps.


  1. 1
    Build your team of characters. Each character is equipped with a level indicator called "Level Globe". Build your team by selecting and grouping characters together to reach the desired amount of Level Globe you and your opponent has decided to go with.
  2. 2
    Place your character. Make two rows, then place at least one or more character in front row for playing and place some character in back row(optional) as back up character(s).
  3. 3
    Starting the match. you and your opponent roll your dice one time to see who starts first.
  4. 4
    Start the turn. If you start first, make your turn by selecting and declaring an attack from one of your character to attack a character of your opponent. (the attack you had selected is now pending).
  5. 5
    Let your opponent roll his die one time to see how his character would reply to the attack you had selected. (Each number of die represents a character reply such as "been hit" by the attack, "defending" against the attack, "escaping" the attack, or "counterattacking" the attack).
  6. 6
    Take your turn. Applying outcome according to die result("Normal" dice type only). Now the attack you had selected is completed. If your opponent would have rolled a number 1 or 2, his character is considered "hit" and you can calculate damages to his character; If he would have rolled a number 3, his character is considered "defended" and you can calculate only 50% of damages to his character; If he would have rolled a number 4 or 5, his character is considered "escaped" and you cannot calculate damages to his character; If he would have rolled a number 6, his character is considered "counterattacking" and you cannot calculate damage to his character but instead, your opponent will calculate damage to your character using his character's counterattack's damage points value.
  7. 7
    Now it is your opponent's turn to select an attack to attack your character in what you will roll your die to see how your character deals with the attack, etc...
  8. 8
    End of the match: By alternating turns, the match will reach an end. If characters placed in front row of a player are destroyed, he must drawn one or more characters from the back row into the front to play against the other player. If he has no more character in the back row to drawn into his empty front row, he loses the match!


  • Before the match starts, if you don't want your opponent to see which character of yours goes in front and back row, simply face down your cards. However, when the match begins, you must face up all cards.
  • Only with specific symbol appearing on Attacks, some attack can clash together.
  • At the beginning of your turn, ONLY before you select an attack, you may draw some characters from the back into the front or draw some character from the front into the back. Just make sure to keep good track of life points and other values...
  • Certain Character are equipped with "Manual Move" which will allow a player to manually activate a character's maneuver instead of rolling his die.
  • Before the match start, when building your team you can also select one single character as your team if your character alone has already reach the amount of "Level Globe" needed to build the team.


  • Outcome of die number may vary depending on the "Die Type" of the character [(Stay Type:1-2=HIT,3=Resist,4-5=ESCAPE,6=RESIST), (Simple Type:1-3=HIT,4-6=ESCAPE), (Normal Type:1-2=HIT,3=DEFEND,4-5=ESCAPE,6=COUNTERATTACK)].
  • Depending on symbol appearing on an attack, some attack can defeat certain counterattacks.
  • During the game, all card are exposed (no face down), and each player is free to look at any cards for strategy purpose.
  • If you see weird symbols on you character's attack you can see the rule book for a better explanation of symbols.

Things You'll Need

  • A bunch of characters cards
  • A piece of paper
  • A pen or pencil
  • A calculator (optional)
  • A six sided die

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