How to Play Chinese Spit

Spit is a fun card game you can play. There are two types: Canadian and Chinese Spit. This article will teach you how to play Chinese Spit. Spit is for two players, and if you got a lot of time, you can play it. If you're fast in this game, you got a better chance of winning. Want to play? Here is how.


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    Get out a deck of cards. Take out the jokers. Split the deck in half and and give one half to each person.
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    Each person should deal out a stack of 5 cards and put in in the middle to their right.
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    Now, each person places one card face down to the left of the stack of 5. There should now be four piles in the middle of the two players. The outside piles should have 5 cards each, and the inside piles should have one. The players should now be holding 20 cards.
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    Each player then deals themselves a hand of five cards, and sets down the remaining 15 cards.
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    Begin playing. Flip over the two cards in the middle at the same time, and begin transferring cards from your hand to the top of the middle two cards as fast as you can. You can only place a card on the top of the piles if it has a value one higher or one lower than the card at the top of the pile. For example, if one of the cards in the middle is a 3, you can only place a two or a four on top of it.
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    As you transfer cards from your hand to the middle piles, replace them by picking up cards from the stack of 15 leftover cards. Remember that you can only hold 5 cards at a time.
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    If neither of you can place a card on the pile, take one from the stack of 5 next to each middle pile, flip it over, and keep playing.
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    When you run out of cards to play, slap the smaller pile. The pile you slap is the pile of cards that you will use for the next round. Take that pile as well as the outside pile next to it, shuffle, and set up the game again. The number of cards in each pile should remain the same except for the stack of leftover cards.
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    Keep playing until one player has no cards left. That player is the winner.


  • If you and your partner can't make a move, take a card up from the pile you "spit" from in the second step. Keep repeating until someone can make a move.
  • Jack, Queen, and King cards are possible to use. Use Jack after 10, and on top of Jack put Queen, and on top of Queen put King, and then you can go all the way down or put an ace card.
  • You can stack, say you got a 2, and then a 3, you can put the 3 on top of the 2 and under the two, and you can put more cards to stack.
  • Remember to be FAST!


  • Don't let your cards blow away in the wind if you are playing outside.
  • Practice with a novice before you move on to faster players.

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