How to Play E60 Good

E60 is a fun, typical fantasy role playing game. It resembles D&D.


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    Find 3-6 players. It may get chaotic if there are too many players.
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    Make a character.
    • Races=elf, dwarf, giant, troll, human, gnome, ogre, half (random race), Orc or fairy.
    • Classes=warrior, wizard, paladin, shadow knight, monk, priest, bard, rogue, necromancer, druid)
    • Stats are STRENGTH, INTELLECT, CHARISMA, VITALITY, LUCK, AGILITY, and WISDOM. Roll a die 4 times then subtract 4, or roll 2 10s, a 20 or anything that equals 20 for the stats. Remember that the warrior, paladin, shadow knight and monk's primary stats are strength; wizards, priests and necromancers use INT/WIS; and everything else uses LUK.
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    Make the background. Roll a 20 sided die or the 4d6-4, 2d10, and put a 0 on the end (that is for gold). Level starts at 1, languages are based on INT, starting items are clothes and weapons/armor, abilities are things like fighting, enhanced (random stat), staff fighting, spell crafting, blacksmithing, alchemy, inscription, enchanting and many other things listed in the tips section.
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    Note that the inventory is based on strength. Add a 0 onto the strength score, that's how many pounds you can carry. Spells can be cast only if you have the mana; characters should have goals, fears, enemies, pets (optional) and then finally, their damage, defense, moving speed, equipped items and all available points/mana, hp, energy.
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    Make sure that the GM, mapper and caller has been picked, and a good scenario has been planned. (Mappers map out the area and the caller writes down what everyone does and their questions.)
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    After the session, congratulate everybody on their first session, and feel free to add stuff too.
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    Play again.


  • Money goes copper10-silver100-gold100-titanium10-crystal10-emerald10-sapphire10-ruby10-diamond10-bloodruby.
  • All defenses are deflective, like a shadow knight against undead. The shadow knight rolls, and if he rolls his level or under then the attack is reflected with 25%-99% of the effect.
  • Wizards are the primary spell casters. Their mana is their INT+WIS with 00 on the end, and their melee damage is only half. Ranged damage is normal. They can cast any spells, and can specialize in a certain element. They have low defense/HP (VIT+LUK+STR with 0 on the end).
  • Warriors have 00 on the end of their HP score, high defense, can only cast weak spells, can specialize, have low mana and can only use ranged weapons if trained. They can use any normal weapons.
  • Shadow knights have high MP, HP, and defense, but their ranged weapons need training. They are weak against holy, cannot be in light for more than one day and cannot sleep in light. However they can cast necromantic spells and are able to use any weapons.
  • Paladins have high HP and MP, high armor, can use any weapons but have incredibly weak strength with any ranged weapons. They have no weaknesses, but their defenses are not reflective, so they are practically useless. They can cast holy spells, and can use crossbows and siege equipment for ranged if needed.
  • Priests are the support characters. They have low defense, high mana, can wear all armor and can use all blunt weapons and magical ranged bows/crossbows. They are like the holy wizard. They should have few offensive spells, and they can reverse any healing spell that they have. When healing they roll to find what they split in half to add to the already rolled healing total.
  • Monks are the hand to hand fighters. They must be trained to be able to use weapons, and can never use armor except for normal clothing or magic armor. They can focus chi, and instead of resting, they meditate. For every minute meditated, they gain 1 more power point. Power points can be used to add to martial arts professions and certain style. They have high HP, normal MP and no defense at all apart from skills.
  • Necromancers are the darkness casters, like the wizard version of the shadow knight. They usually curse, stun, then raise the undead to do the rest. They can raise many types of undead, have many curses, can turn undead, and do many other things. They are like the wizards that are outlawed, but useful for battle.
  • Other classes like summoners, elementalists, swordmages, ninja, berserker, gunner, sniper, beast master, illusionist, knight, slayer, brawler, druid and even shaman can be added, including any other races.
  • Roleplay. If your character hates Orcs, when you see an Orc, kill it. If it doesn't like heights, don't go bungee jumping.

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