How to Play Fort of Solitude

Fort of solitude is a warfare based card game similar to chess. Its quite complicated but is fun and takes a while to play. Here's how to play it. The object of the game is to capture the 'fort' by killing the kings.


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    Divide the pack into reds and blacks and make sure each color has just one joker. Take out all four kings.
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    Place the two red kings at one end of whatever surface you're playing on(face up, longer sides touching). From the two shorter ends of the two cards count out four card in a line. At the end of the line do the same with the black kings as with other kings. Make sure they line up. Then place the red pile of cards next to the red king and the black cards next to the black king.
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    That's the setup, now the game. We'll start with basic infantry(number cards). They come in three tiers, 2,3,4...5,6,7...and 8,9,10. Cards 4,7 and 10 are archer(more about them later). At the start you only have access to the first tier. If you pick up cards from other tiers you have to put them in the discard pile. To access the next tier you have to pick up the joker which allows you the next tier. When the cards run out and you use the discard pile you have another chance to get the next tier. Higher cards defeat lower cards but cards of the same value can't attack each other(apart from archers). Melee cards(everything apart from archer) can only attack cards next to them: not diagonally.
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    Now to archers. Archers can attack from two squares(see movement) away. They can kill lower ranking units but if the unit is a higher number or a face card they can stop them moving on the next go. They move and can be attacked by melee units exactly the same though. Having a unit between the archer and his target does not matter. Archers can shoot a unit if it is next to them but can't use melee.
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    Movement. Basically one 'square' is the size of whatever cards you're playing with
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    Movement Every unit can only go one square(apart from kings who can't move). Units can move however far they want to sideways but they can only move forwards and backwards in the space between the two kings.
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    They can go next to the king though.
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    Face cards. This includes aces. Apart from the queen these cards can't be killed by number cards. They can be stopped by archers though. Kings can kill any cards in the deck. In order to kill the king a jack or an ace must have a queen next to them and be next to king. None of the face cards are archers. Queens are the only none combat unit. Any card that has a queen next to it has to be killed twice to be put on the discard pile.
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    Playing. Each turn you can do either: place a card. You pick a card each turn from your pile. If you can't use it or there's no space you put on the discard pile. You can move a unit(see moving). You place cards next to the kings but not behind the kings or diagonal to them. If there is nowhere to place a card you must discard it. You can't place cards on top of each other.
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    In order to kill the king you must have one jack or ace with a queen next to him attacking the king. If the king attacks the jack/ace though you must use a different jack/ace because the card will go down to 0ne life(queens give you two lives).


  • Jacks are knights, aces are assassins, queen s are medics and king are generals.
  • Try to tell me if there are flaws in the game. Its my first made up card game ever.
  • If you want to play this four player divide the pack into suits and give each person one king. You will need two jokers though.

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