How to Play Forumwarz

Ever heard about the satirical RPG Forumwarz, but been confused about how to begin? Read on...


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    Go to the site:
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    Say that you are not offended easily. (Note: if you are offended by adult content, or are under 18, do not play this game.)
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    Search for anything on Sentrillon. You will be greeted by Shallow Esophagus. Respond however you would like.
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    Make an account at SpendFriend.
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    Click on the Tutorial, in the below box.
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    Go through the tutorial, but do not purchase antidepressants from 'Drugs "R" Fun'. You do not need them, as the forum is too easy.
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    Enjoy the rest of the game!


  • If you are out of Flezz or missions, deploy XSS and/or FBO codes in forums.
  • If you are playing for the first time, play as a Troll or Emo Kid. Do not play as a Permanoob. Trolls and Emo Kids are easy and fun, respectively. Hackers are debatable.
  • Trolls are tank classes: High Ego, Low Attack.
  • Camwhores are mage classes: Medium Ego, High Attack, Long Refresh times.
  • Hackers are 'nuker' classes: Low Ego, Insane Attack, Long Refresh times.
  • Emo Kids are berserker classes: Medium Ego, Medium Attack, attack boosted at low Ego.
  • Permanoobs and Re-Res are challenge classes: Low Ego, Low Attack, Very few attacks.


  • This game is HIGHLY offensive, especially the Troll and Camwhore classes. Those under 18 and the easily offended should not play this game.
  • If you run out of Ego, you will die, losing all progress (but no Cred, the Experience-equivalent). Try to build long streaks, not dying between forums. That will give 'E-Peen', the 'Trophies' of this game.

Things You'll Need

  • A strong stomach
  • A web browser that runs Ruby on Rails
  • Fast internet

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