How to Play Go Fish with Any Cards

This version of Go Fish is played best with 2 players. Children can pick up this game easily, and adults will enjoy it as well. Read on to learn how to play.


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    Deal 7 cards to each person. Use a standard 52-card deck. Deal face-down, so that no player can see the face of the card being dealt to them. As soon as all the cards are dealt, players may pick up and view their own cards (but no one else's). If any player has a pair of the same cards (such as two sevens), he will put it in his pile of pairs. The remaining cards that are not dealt out already will be placed in a pile between the two players.
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    Hold your cards like a fan. They should face so that you can identify each of your cards, but no one else can. You can also hold all your cards in a stack to reduce the risk of another player seeing your hand.
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    Fish for cards. Generally, the youngest player will play first, and the game rotates clockwise from there. The player will hold up his cards and say "Do you have a __ ?" Ask for a card that will match a single card you already own. If another player has the number or letter on one of his cards, he will give the person who asked for that card and put it in his pile of matches of cards. If nobody has the called card, they will say "Go fish", and the player must take a card from the pile in between them. Then the player will ask the same question except they will say a number or letter from their hand of cards.
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    Continue taking turns asking the questions until you have no more cards left and count your pairs. The player with the most pairs wins the game. If you play again, the winner of the last game will deal the cards and ask the question first.


  • Keep in mind that the symbols next to the numbers on the card -the shamrocks, hearts, diamonds, and spades- do not matter. If you have any "three", you must surrender your three if requested.

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