How to Play Killer Bunnies

Killer Bunnies can be a fun, nail biting, adventurist, and aggressive game. And it needs directions too. But you do not want to spend your time reading all those long, thirteen page direction books when you can already be playing the game. So here is a quick summary of it all. Okay. Now if you did read all those directions and you still do not get the object of the game like me, the object of the game is to get the winning carrot. That means you want to buy as many carrots as you can because that could increase your chance in winning the game. After you buy a carrot card you take a little carrot card off the deck. Once the carrot card is shown, who ever has the winning carrot wins. Then you might ask why then do we kill each others' bunnies. Well killing each others' bunnies can help prevent others from winning the game. You need at least one bunny to win the game even if you have the magic carrot.


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    Shuffle the small cards (carrot cards, water cards and cabbage cards) separately and put them off to the side but where everyone can reach them. Then take the Kaballa's market starter card and big carrot cards and place them next to the small cards.
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    Mix the starter deck and yellow booster deck together. Give everybody seven cards each. If you have Kaballa Dolla (bunny money) put it off to the side on your save pile. If you have play immediately cards put them in your discard pile. Be sure you have a bunny. If you do not have one replace one of your cards you have with a bunny drawn from the deck.
    • The Killer Bunnies game consist constantly of planning out two moves at once before anything happens. You first place a bunny down face down, vertically. Then you place a run card down for your first move and below that, a second run card down for your second move. Last take a card from the deck to replace your last card that you placed down. Once every one is done planning, flip your bunny card over. The player that goes first, will try to kill your bunny. When a bunny killer(run) card is placed on your bunny, you have to roll the dice. If you roll less than the weapon level, your bunny will have to go to your discard pile. If you roll higher than the weapon level than you get to keep your bunny. (Remember: After you place a card down draw a new card from the deck.)
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    If someone plays a feed the bunny card on you, you have to spend your bunny money on cabbage and water for your bunny or your bunny dies. This way, spending bunny money lowers your chance of winning the game because it lowers your money of spending on a carrot. Now, if you have water or carrot left, you should keep a record of how much supplies left. So next time some one pulls a feed the bunny card on you, you can discount some of your supplies off or not have to pay at all.
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    Play immediately cards are cards for the middle of the game. To use this card,You need to not have one of your own bunnies at place or it will kill them. If you pull one of these cards up and have a bunny at place you need to put it in the discard pile. And Remember you have to play this card from your hand immediately if you are going to play it at all.
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    To do something nice for yourself, you can play the pick a carrot card. This allows you to get a free carrot at the market. You can also play a free water card on your self to get a water card free.
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    To sum it all up here is basically what you do: 1) flip 2) draw 3)slide 4) replace


  • If the card has a pink box on the side, you need to have a bunny to play the card.
  • Special cards and Very Special cards can be saved on you saving pile.
  • To lessen the weapon level, play your lucky clover cards (lessens weapon level by 1-4) on the weapon. Then roll.

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