How to Play Off a Trip

Three Methods:PushupsBlaming the object that tripped youCry

You're on your way to class when suddenly an unsuspecting crack in the ground catches the tip of your shoe and before you know it, you’re on the ground with some pain and a ton of embarrassment. People are passing, watching, looking, and even laughing at you. That crack had some bad intentions. Now, what can you do?

Everyday, people are stumbling and falling over cracks in the road, dips in the sidewalk, and even their own shoes. The worst part is, they don’t know how to play the fall off. Now, before you go out into that dark and cruel world full of evil tripping apparatuses, you can be well prepared with strategies that can lessen the burden of embarrassment. The trick here is to make people think you are acting intentionally after the fall. Always keep that in mind when proceeding with these methods!


One popular recovery method is to go right into workout exercises. Pushups are useful in this way because you are probably on your stomach, which is the pushup position, from the fall.

Method 1

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    Make sure you are already on your stomach. If you don’t fall on your stomach and then flip over to do pushups, people will suspect you are actually clumsy instead of thinking you are an exercise junkie.
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    Make sure people saw you fall and are still watching you just to make sure you’re okay. This step requires you to scan your area quickly. You don’t want to be on the ground motionless for an excessive amount of time. Otherwise, someone might call an ambulance.
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    Start your pushups. Make sure you get a really deep bend in the arms too. The number you do all depends on you, but 5 is the minimum. You can go ahead and do 10. However, if you really want to show the people around you how much of an exercise freak you are, the sky is the limit.

Method 2
Blaming the object that tripped you

This is sometimes a subconscious reaction to an unexpected trip, and people fall for it! Blaming the curb, crack, or whatever tripped you is a useful technique to redirect the cause of the trip not to your clumsiness, but towards the object that lead to your fall. This method can be done if you have a full on fall, or just a small trip up where you catch yourself.

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    Recover from the trip. If you fell completely, then quickly get up. Quickness is key here because you don’t want to be on the ground for too long.
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    Make eye contact with the curb, root, or whatever the object was that tripped you. Along with the eye contact, make sure to glare and express anger in your facial features, especially your eyebrows. This step is to express your anger towards the object that tripped you. If you are wearing sunglasses at the time, remove them in a distinct manner.
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    Point and start blaming. Make what ever tripped you feel less human for getting in your way and impeding your stride. Use phrases like, “Are you serious?” or “Why are you in my way?” Make sure to use an angered tone too.

Method 3

Sometimes, it’s just not your day and you have to show it. This is probably the most widely used technique when playing off a fall. Right when you start the waterworks, the embarrassment of your clumsy mistake is instantly gone and people are there to pat you on the back and help you up. The pity card always works! However if you can’t generate some instant tears, this strategy might be difficult.

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    After you fall, get into the fetal position and start sobbing away. It’s easy as that! Say your pet parakeet flew away and you are trying to find it or something. Just play the pity card.


  • If you cannot generate some instant tears, make sure you carry a small bottle of eye drops with you and pop them in when no one is looking. You might have to hide your face a bit to in order to pop those drops in.
  • If you are unable to readjust yourself during the fall so that you land on your stomach, other exercises will be useful to know. If you land on your back, start doing sit-ups. However, if you land on your sides, a completely different method will be needed. You intentionally fell just to show off those biceps and triceps, remember that!

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