How to Play Rummy 2

Two Parts:Playing the GameHow to Win

Rummy 2 is a version of Rummy that is a lot of fun, the goal being to reach 300 points or more. It can be played with two players or more. To find out how to play, read on.

Part 1
Playing the Game

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    Shuffle the deck and deal out nine cards to each player.
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    Turn the rest of the deck over to become the stockpile and the top card from the stockpile face up next to it to become the discard pile.
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    Note that cards can be placed into either sets or runs. A run is three or more cards of the same suit in sequence, and a set is three or four cards of the same rank. Another option is that when you meld sets or runs, another player can play a card off of you that matched whatever was placed in that meld. For example, when you meld a run of 5, 6, 7, the other player can play an 8 off of that meld, as long as it is in the same suit.
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    Draw from the stockpile or the discard pile. You can meld after you draw from the stockpile, or you can take cards from the discard pile, not just the up card, but if you take one from lower down in the discard pile you must also take all the cards above it. If you do the latter, you MUST place it into a meld immediately.
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    Note that jokers are special cards and are worth 50 points. The player who melds a joker must declare what card it represents. If another player has that card, they can exchange it and the joker now is worth 25 points. If it happens again (it's exchanged yet again), it's worth 0 points. Also, if someone plays a card before either of the jokers have been played and declared as that point, the joker can't be claimed at all.

Part 2
How to Win

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    If you meld all your cards and then discard, the hand is over. All cards in the players' hands score points against them and the amount of the points is subtracted from whatever is on the table from the cards in your hand. If the amount of points is greater in your hand than on the table, your score for it is negative.
    • Points cancel each other out if cards in your hand and on the table are worth the same points.
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    To go Rummy, take a card from the discard pile after someone has just put it there, and place it in a meld.
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    If someone goes out without discarding, it's called floating. The hand is over when the player who floated finally puts a card in the discard pile, or someone else beats that score and then discards.


  • The following cards are worth points:
    • Aces: 15 points
    • Faces: 10 points
    • Cards 2-9: 5 points
    • Tens: 10 points
    • Jokers: 50 points (if exchanged): 25 points (if exchanged again): 0 points

Things You'll Need

  • Set of cards

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