How to Play Soda Roulette

Two Methods:PreparingPlaying

This is a fun, safe version of roulette which you play with soda bottles -- the chances of you getting wet are fifty-fifty. Will you pick the safe soda can or will your opponent?


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    Grab 4-8 soda cans and invite two other people to play with you. One person will be playing against you; the other will be prepared the soda cans.

Method 1

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    The preparer arranges the soda cans on the table. While the two players close their eyes, the preparer picks up one of the soda cans and gives it a good shake. He or she then places the soda can back in its original position, and asks the players to open their eyes.
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    The preparer does "Heads or Tails" with a coin to decide who goes first.

Method 2

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    The person who lost the "Heads or Tails" game goes first. This person takes a soda can at random and opens it. If he or she doesn't get wet, the next player goes.
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    The game continues until the shaken soda can is opened, soaking the losing player.


  • This is a fun game- especially if you choose a drink you all like! Then, the non-explosive cans can be drunk.
  • If you have a social website account on, say, Facebook, then you can post pictures of the loser, and stuff like that!
  • Make sure to have a good bath and wash your clothes if you lose!!!
  • Try saving this game for parties.

Things You'll Need

  • Small cans of soda.
  • A coin.
  • Three players, yourself included.
  • A table.
  • A towel for cleaning up.

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