How to Play Stick Dino Rpg

Stick Dino RPG (roleplaying game) is set in a dinosaur version of a fantasy world. You draw a stick figure dinosaur and have an adventure. It's great fun to play!


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    Choose a dinosaur species.
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    Draw your stick dino down & give them a name.
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    Roll for money : 1= poor 2= average 3= rich 4=billionaire 5= trillionaire 6 = roll again
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    Choose a job: dino mage ( warlock/wizard ) , kleptomaniac ( thief ) or tank ( warrior)
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    Actions and stats (attacks or other ) are determined by a d10. These are muscle, brain and speed and for dino mages, magic.
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    You are basically a wanderer in this game, so when you find a place (a town, catacomb, prison, theme park etc) you generally have an adventure in that place. Decide what happens to them. Think of rooms to explore and what's in them.
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    if you want to battle, think of what you are battling, then in your head decide who wins. Or ask your friends who they think would win and mark it down. Also think of what to use in your attack (e.g. brawn if your a tank)
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    Once you completed your 1st quest have another.


  • They can be sea or flying reptiles.
  • Dino mages are they only characters use magic attack, but tanks are good at using muscle attacks and kleptomaniacs prefer speed attacks.
  • Some good ideas for your dinosaur could be a lich ( if you have no idea what that is, it's a living skeleton) , alien ( make it green and have big black bug eyes ) or even a robosaur (dino cyborg!)
  • They don't have to lived in dinosaur times, or existed at all; giant crabs, giant spiders,giant insects & mega octopi & mer dinos are some ideas.
  • This is a great way to pass time--on a long bus trip, in a car, waiting in line, listening to music, etc.


  • This is one player, and you make it up as you go along. If a friend wants to join in, it may ruin the game.
  • if you want to be popular, most fantasy Rpgs get you bullied so don't try it if you wanna be popular but this game is meant to be fun and you should play it if that's you but you shouldn't play if it's not you.

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