How to Play Stress (Card Game)

Two Parts:Setting UpPlaying the Game

Stress is a fun two player card game that requires you to be fast and think fast. It uses elements of the card game Speed. This can be played at any age; you just need 2 players and a regular 52 card deck (without jokers).

Part 1
Setting Up

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    Split deck of cards evenly between 2 players. Player A and Player B should each have 26 cards.
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    Have each player place four cards face up on playing surface right in front of them. If there are any cards with the same number/letter, just stack them on top of each other until you have 4 different cards/piles.
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    Between both of your four cards, place one card each also face up and right next to each other. Pile A is where Player A should put their card and Pile B is where Player B should put their card. Now each player should have 21 cards.

Part 2
Playing the Game

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    Know the point of the game: to get rid off your cards first.
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    Stack your four cards on top of the middle two cards in numerical order. This is just like speed. Replace the cards you use from your original stack of cards.
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    Watch for matching cards. If the two cards in the middle are the same, you must be the first to place each of your hands on each card and say "stress" so that the opposing player must take all the cards. They shuffle their cards and you each place one new card in the middle to continue the game
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    Refresh the cards as needed:
    • If neither player has any cards to place on the Pile A or Pile B, place a random card from your deck on top of your respective pile until one player is able to play.
    • If both players have cards on the table but no cards in their hand, they must each take their respective pile and use it as their new deck.


  • You'll want to try to make your respective pile have the least amount of cards in case you'll need to use it as your new deck.
  • Make sure to pay attention to the middle cards so you'll be able to say "Stress" before your opponent.
  • Pay attention to your opponents cards

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