How to Play Suck and Blow with Cards

Two Parts:Learning the Basic Rules of Suck and BlowMaking the Game Even More Thrilling

Suck and Blow is a fun, interactive card game for parties and social gatherings with an added twist. If you're good with using your lips, you'll excel in passing a playing card back and forth between people. Even if you're not successful in passing the card, you'll still have the opportunity to use your lips on the person next to you.

Part 1
Learning the Basic Rules of Suck and Blow

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    Pull one card from a deck of cards. You only need one card to pass around between everyone. If you want to play with multiple cards being passed for a faster-paced game, get a pack of cards to use. This game can be taken seriously, but more than likely the group is going to be laughing and having fun.
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    Have everyone in your group sit in a circle. Usually suck and blow is played in a mixed crowd and the circle is seated boy-girl-boy-girl. At some point you will be kissing the person to your left or right if you fumble while passing the playing card.
    • Decide as a group whether you’re going to pass the card clockwise or counterclockwise.
    • If you're with your significant other or there’s someone in the group you’ve been wanting to kiss, try and position yourself next to them for the game.
    • To minimize awkwardness, have friends sit next to each other.
    • You can disregard the opposite gender seating if your group’s preferences are different.
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    Pick someone to go first to pass the card. The first person places the card on their lips and sucks in air to keep it stuck there without any hands. Inhale through your mouth only so you use as much air as possible to keep the card attached to your lips.
    • As the game continues, the pace will pick up because everyone may start getting out of breath and possibly drop the card.
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    Pass the card to the person next to you with your lips. Get close to your neighbor's face and without hands, transfer the card to their lips. Blow on the card to push it to their lips as they suck in to receive the card. You may need a practice round so that everyone can get comfortable with the motions.
    • Have everyone hold their hands behind their back to keep from cheating.[1]
    • The card transfer can get confusing as you try and remember to suck on the card to receive it and blow to get rid of it.
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    Kiss the person next to you if you drop the card. When the card falls, the two people who dropped it have to kiss. If you drop the card on your own in between passes, you have to kiss the person to your right if you’re going counterclockwise or to your left if you’re going clockwise.
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    Start a new round when the card is dropped. You can either restart the whole game from the first player if the card is dropped. Or instead, you can continue playing from the person who just dropped the card. Another variation is to reverse the direction of the passing when someone drops the card.

Part 2
Making the Game Even More Thrilling

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    Tear the card in half every time it’s dropped between a couple. Another rule you can add is that the playing card gets torn in half every time someone drops it. So the card will be halved, then quartered, then start to diminish to almost nothing as the game goes on. After a while, there will be less of a playing card in play and more lips.[2]
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    Change the direction of the card passing whenever there's a kiss. If everyone has gotten comfortable with passing the card to the person to their right, switch the direction the card is passed in the circle. The new partners won’t be used to each other and there may be many more turns where the card is dropped.
    • You can also switch up the seating arrangement to make things interesting.
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    Add alcohol to the mix. If everyone in your group is 21 or older, suck and blow can be a drinking game if you make anyone who drops the card take a drink or a shot. If two people drop a card, they both take a drink and if one person manages to drop the card on their own, they’re the solo drinker. [3]
    • You can wait to start playing this game until everyone is already a little buzzed so there are less inhibitions.


  • If you're worried about your breath or lips, be sure to bring along mints and ChapStick.
  • Make sure everyone knows the rules of the game before starting so no one is caught off-guard.


  • Don’t play this game if it’s flu season or if someone in the group has a communicable disease.You don’t want to risk the health of the whole group.
  • If you're playing this as a drinking game, be extremely cautious with alcohol consumption. Set an overall limit if need be since it can be easy to forget how much everyone has been drinking.

Things You'll Need

  • Playing cards
  • Group of willing players

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