How to Play Ultimate Lego War With D&D Dice

One Methods:Playing the Game

Playing the ultimate Lego war with D&D dice is a huge amount of fun. This article sets out the rules for play.

Playing the Game

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    Build the game setup. For each city, you will need a wheeled vehicle, a garage for the wheeled vehicle, a residential area, a weapon stockpile, a graveyard, and a military base. A midway point is shared between the cities. The buildings do not have to be elaborate.
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    When construction is done, roll the 20-sided die to see who gets to go first. In this game you take turns, so the person to go first must make a move using their turn.
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    To start a battle, two soldiers from different cities must be in the same area. If you're using a gun, roll a 12-sided die. If a sword is used, roll an 8-sided die. Roll the dice. The player with the highest die roll wins. It takes two shots to kill someone, so the dice roll happens three times. The losing person can revive their soldier by rolling any die. If their die rolls an odd number, their soldier will be revived. Otherwise, the soldier will die. The soldier itself will be put in the graveyard and it's weapon will be put in the winner's stockpile.
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    Keep playing like this until someone's city has no more soldiers. Then, the other city can choose to siege your city. Roll the 4-sided die. If the city with the soldiers wins, they can take as many people as the difference won on the dice roll. If the city without the soldiers wins, they get an extra turn, plus the difference in weapons from their opponent's weapon stockpile. The emergency weapon can't be taken.
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    When nobody is left in a city, but the leader, the leader must fight against the other leader. Roll the the two 10 sided dice against your opponent. Whoever gets the highest number, at least 3 out of 5 rolls, kills the other leader, who can be revived the same way as a soldier. If the leader of the empty city dies, than the game is over and is won by the leader of the city that is full. If the leader of the full city dies, than half of their people and soldiers go to the empty city and the former full city has to choose a new leader. The game is ended when there is nobody left in a city, including the leader. That city then loses the game and the other city wins!

Game Objects


At the beginning of the game, in each city, there should be 4 gun-armed soldiers (at the military base), 5 citizens (in the residential area), and 1 leader (also in the residential area).


  • Wheeled vehicles take two turns to go from one city to another. In-between cities, cars stop at the midway point.
  • Only soldiers can use the vehicles.
  • Vehicles can't be hijacked by soldiers that the vehicle doesn't belong to.
  • Battles can happen anywhere.
  • Going by foot (without a vehicle) will take four turns to go from one city to another.

Uses for Turns

  • Train a citizen to be a soldier. Roll the 6-sided die, and if it rolls a 3 or higher, the citizen can be trained. In your stockpile, you should have any guns you have amassed from killing, plus an emergency weapon which is a sword. Leaders, are only able to use the emergency weapon and it is the only weapon that can't be taken after someone was killed. However, if there aren't any weapons in your stockpile, the citizen can't be trained.
  • Start a battle! Soldiers can only fight 1-on-1 at a time.
  • Upgrade your city. Roll the 20-sided die and whatever it rolls, use the same number of pieces to upgrade and build your city.
  • Go somewhere using a vehicle.


  • You can add a storyline to make the game more like a role-playing game.
  • This game is great for kids and adults ages ten and up.
  • This game is a good way to have fun with Legos.
  • You can play this with more than two people, but it has the smoothest gameplay with two people.


  • Do not play this with small children as it is too complex for them to play properly.
  • This game does not involve destroying models, as this takes away from the game's fun as a role playing game of chance. Do not destroy anyone else's model without their permission or they could be disappointed.

Things You'll Need

  • 2-4 people
  • Lots of Legos!!!
  • 10 Lego mini figures for each city
  • 1 or 2 sets of D&D dice

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