wikiHow to Practice Openness in a Relationship

Open conversations are key in having a good, long lasting relationship. If you're not sure how to be open-minded? Here are few tips that can help.


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    Be Open With Yourself - In order to be open with others you first have to be open with yourself. It's important that you're comfortable with who you are. If you are not comfortable with who you are a as a person, try seeking out help from friends, family, psychiatrists or help services.
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    Being Open to Ideas and Opinions is Another Growing Part of a Relationship - It Takes Time. You don't need to open up right away and tell your deepest darkest secrets in the first stages of your relationship. After spending enough time with your partner, you should learn about them, their likes/dislikes, personality, quirks, strengths, weakness, inspirations etc. When you feel you know your significant other well enough and you feel confident that you can trust your partner, then you can start telling about the skeletons in your closet.
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    Avoid Telling Lies- Lying will only make your partner angry. Telling the truth is always the best route to take. Be sure to mention that you're sorry, and really mean it if you are sorry for your mistake. Your partner should respect the fact that you told the truth. It may feel uncomfortable at first, especially telling truth that could possibly make your partner upset. But in the long run, it will be beneficial to you as a couple.
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    Really Say What's On Your Mind Or What Your Real Opinion Is - Instead of just saying the typical absentminded response of "yes dear", "yeah", "yep" or "no dear", think about what you are going to say. Ask yourself: "What will happen if I respond [yes/no/maybe/other response] to his/her question? Will it make her/she feel an emotion? Are there positive/negative consequences?" If you disagree with your significant other, state why you disagree. Don't try to force your opinion on your partner, respect their differences. Every couple has it's disagreements. Explaining what you think and trying to show your partner your view/opinion in a nice way might open them up to new ideas or get them to see exactly what you are thinking.
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    Talk Your Way Through Situations - It is tempting to just avoid problems that come up. Examples: Like how you were looking at that girl/guy last night with a certain look in your eyes rather than focusing on your partner or you recently have not been talking to your partner. Instead of ignoring the questions or avoiding your partner, talk it out. Respond to their question fully and non-defensively. Example: "I know you saw me looking at that guy/girl last night and I'm sorry if that upset you. I thought that guy/girl was attractive, but you don't have to worry because we're a strong couple and I [love/like] you very much" or "I know I haven't been talking to you much. Recently I've been busy with [job/school work/family/other] and have not had time to talk with you. I hope you understand." Talking through situations not only helps you get over a problem quicker, but helps you bond as a couple showing that you can get through problems. This is an essential for a strong and healthy relationship.
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    Talk Time is Good! - Leave time to just talk, talking about anything is good for your relationship. Some good conversation starters are aspirations, ideas, what you've been doing recently, or anything you find appropriate ("anything appropriate" varies from couple to couple). If you are in a serious relationship, talk about topics that you each have different opinions on. Hearing the other's side can help you grow as a couple and to see different points of view.


  • There are certain things you are allowed to hide from your partner: birthday presents, anniversary ideas and things you want to keep a surprise.
  • Talk Face To Face- Texting, Instant Messaging and Emailing makes it harder for your partner to know how you are feeling since they have no body language, facial expressions or tone of voice to go by. Talking face to face also brings you closer together as a couple, and you will learn your partners reactions to certain events, ideas, or comments, helping to give you insight on what he/she thinks without him/her even saying anything.
  • For Guys: If your partner is in a stage of PMS it might be a good idea to tell that little white lie about how that dress makes her look skinny or that shirt brings out a certain feature that you like, even if it's not necessarily true. It will help you out in the long run, and girls love compliments. However most guys don't realize it.


  • If you're too open with a person of significance, it may end in an argument or in extreme cases a breakup. Just remember that there are other people out there, and if your partner does not like the "real you", or you find too many differences or qualities you do not like, then he/she might not be meant to be the person for you.

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