How to Praise and Worship God

Do you love the Lord Our God, but, do not know the right way to worship Him? Do you want a profound adoration of the Almighty, and not a mere reverence for Him? Then get to know what worship actually is. This is a very religious way to do it, but if you truly want to worship him, then follow his works, read the Bible, honor the 10 Commandments...etc. Christians may refer to this as instructions on how to take communion, which is a time when we humble ourselves before God, admit that we have sinned and commit our sins to God so that our sins can be covered by the "payment" (not money) that was given so we don't have to shed blood for forgiveness anymore, but depending on your religious beliefs, your opinion on this score may be different.


  • Bread and wine/or dark colored grape juice


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    Say words of praise about and to God; live for God in faith.
    • Consider setting up a shrine for God (You may add Holy pictures, etc.).
    • Consider having an altar at the shrine.
    • Place food (bread) and drink (wine/grape juice) upon the altar or in the shrine.
    • Burn incense at the shrine.
    • Light candles to God.
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    Pray to God for help and even for a miracle.
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    Offer the food and drink (wine) to God. As you know God is literally present, bow down low before Him in your soul, mind, spirit and body when you can. You are the Temple of God according to Christ Jesus.
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    Sing hymns for the Lord.
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    Pray to the Lord, and thank Him for His many good blessings to you. If you do not have a shrine or altar, then whenever you are having a meal, always begin by saying Grace, and thanking Him for the food which you are about to eat. Grace is a prayer offered before meals. Upon completing the meal, say a concluding Grace, Be Thankful.
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    Try to make every small deed you do to add something good for humankind, as an offering to God, "as a living sacrifice".
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    Try to make every pain you endure, an offering to God, and you will be blessed if you endure problems because of professing the Lord.
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    Try to praise God without ceasing and Glorify God.
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    Pray to God, asking forgiveness when you sin. Do it in a way that fits in your belief system.


  • When singing hymns, the more traditional ones seem more Holy, than some contemporary ones. It doesn't really matter what hymns you sing, what instruments you use, or if you sing at all. Make what you sing or say come from the heart (your innermost being), and God will accept it. Make sure it fits into your belief, faith.
  • For Catholic & Orthodox Christians (and a few Protestant ones, as well) Christ is literally present in the bread and wine, so when we pray at Church we kneel down low before Him.
  • Priests are usually the ones who are responsible for sacrifices or formal offerings to God, depending on your beliefs. So, it may be more practical to pray Grace to God, before & after each meal.
  • Read and be encouraged by inspiring examples of God working in lives of people who have become Christians and have received miracles and healings -- for you to believe what God can do for you.
  • Pray to god and say that you are thankful to be alive another day and wouldn't be alive if it weren't for him. No matter what people say, you will still love him the same and wouldn't do sin. If you have done sin, ask for forgiveness to the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Pray to ask for good health, good luck, forgiveness and to accept Him into your life. God loves each and every one of his sons and daughters, even when they sin. Ask that he will watch over and care for you and others going through rough times. God sees and knows all that happens in the world and can help you when the times are tough. Be thankful for life, family and your food, pets, clothes, and friends.


  • Beware of fire hazards, especially with candles and/or incense with fire, for your worship of God.

Things You'll Need

  • Words/Thoughts of praise and worship
  • Godly actions and attitudes (beatitudes)
  • Optional: Shrine and/or an altar
  • Optional: Incense and/or candles

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