How to Prep for a Dance

Four Methods:Two Weeks BeforeOne Week BeforeOne Night BeforeThe Night Of

So we've all been in middle school at one time or another, and I'm sure we've all been to the dances. This is how teenage girls should prep for that big night, east coast style.

Method 1
Two Weeks Before

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    Pick out your outfit. Try to get something that matches the theme if there is one. Don't go all out and wear weird clothes you normally wouldn't wear. It's all about being you, matching, and having fun. Don't go in baggy sweatpants, but don't buy a mini-prom dress and throw on a pair of stilettos. Be comfy, but don't wear old dirty and ripped clothes.

Method 2
One Week Before

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    Every night before you go to sleep, put 2 metal spoons, yes I said spoons, in the freezer. When you wake up in the morning rub them just under your eyes. This gets rid of bags without surgery.
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    Sleep tall. If you can, sleep with your feet flat up against something, like the footboard on your bed. Try to stretch yourself out while still being comfortable enough to stay like that all night.
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    Put chapstick on right before you go to sleep. This keeps your lips smooth and soft all day and night.

Method 3
One Night Before

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    Paint your nails. Remember to paint from the cuticles to the tips. If you have a habit of biting your nails, you may want to try fake ones so you look nicer.
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    Sleep with soothing balm on you hands. Take something soft, light, and comfy to lay on your bed. This is the last thing you should do before you go to sleep. This keeps your hands baby soft.

Method 4
The Night Of

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    Eat something as soon as you get home. It doesn't matter if you're nervous and don't feel like eating, but you have to get something in you. Pasta is a good choice because it's jam-packed with good carbs that give you lots of energy.
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    Shower. Make sure you wet your hair, shampoo, rinse, condition, rinse, get your entire body wet, wash your entire body, and then rinse it all of.
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    Get Dressed. After you dry off and semi-dry your hair, slip into your outfit. Pull it up from your feet if you can. That way your wet hair doesn't make your dress wet too.
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    Do your hair. If you are going to be using any type of hair product, throw an old, large pajama top over yourself. To add more volume, flip your hair over and completely dry your roots first. Then fling your head back like those models in the hair product commercials, then finish drying and styling.
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    Do your make-up.Don't put too much on, but still enough to cover up your blemishes and make your face look even more beautiful. Don't add another 2 inches (5.1 cm) to your face.
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    Breathe. Relax, do some yoga eye exercises, and take deep breaths. Carry yourself well like you know what you're doing, and just remember you're here to have fun. Don't freak out over boys, or obsess over how beautiful you and all your friends look. Just have fun.


  • You may want to get your hair cut the week of the dance. Try something fun, funky, fresh and compliments your face shape.
  • If you're dance is anything like my high school's, you might want to wear your hair up somehow. Those gyms are HOT and sweaty hair is not attractive. If the dance is inside make sure to either dress in layers or wear light clothes.
  • Try to wear outfits that match your hair color, eye color, and compliment your skin tone.


  • Don't put on too much make-up. People want to see you, not some wannabe.
  • Don't try to be too grown up. I know from experience that if you act like something you're not, people will see right through you.
  • Don't go over the top.

Things You'll Need

  • An outfit.
  • make-up
  • hair products
  • chapstick
  • nail polish
  • soothing hand balm

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