How to Prepare for a Dance Show

Being in a dance show is a really fun and exciting experience, and preparing for it correctly only makes it better. Have you ever had problems getting organized for a dance show? There are plenty of tools out there that can help you get organized and feel more prepared for your show. Getting the most out of your dance experience can be really easy if you just know how to get ready for it.


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    Make a list of all the dances you will be in during the show. Organize them in the order you will be performing them. This will help you keep in mind a system and you will be able to transition easier from dance to dance.
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    Write down everything you need for each dance. You can include this on your list of dances and write the costumes needed for each out to the side, or create an entirely separate list for this. Make sure to include all costumes including shoes and accessories and any make up changes. List each dance and the things needed for that dance separately instead of all your materials needed for the entire show in one general list.
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    Organize the things you need. Put the costumes in your bag according to the order in which you will be performing the dance, making sure the first dance’s costumes are on top. You may also use the zip-lock bag method and divide your costumes into zip-lock bags and label them according to which dance they correspond to. Separate accessories into smaller zip-lock bags and keep them with the costumes they belong to.
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    Know your dances. Being organized is just a way to help you focus on the bigger picture of what the show is all about, your dancing. Make sure you feel prepared and ready for every dance you’ll be performing.
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    Stay on top of things. Don’t wait until the last minute to get organized or practice your routines. Get all your costumes together a day ahead so that you aren’t stressed out when the day of your performance comes.
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    Eat a good breakfast. Some of the best foods are oatmeal, a high fiber cereal, strawberries and bananas. One way to combine all of these is to make a strawberry and banana smoothie, and eat a bowl of the cereal or oatmeal. If the performance is after lunch and/or dinner, you should make healthy choices in those meals as well.


  • Gently warm up before the performance. You don't want to pull a muscle!
  • Never ever eat greasy food before a show. Also remember to drink lots of water and use the bathroom before the show.
  • Try to keep everything you need in one bag. It's easy to forget or misplace stuff if you have too many bags.
  • Bring extras of anything such as tights or hair accessories. That way, if you get a hole in your tights or lose something, you have extras on hand. It also comes in handy if someone else forgets something.
  • Keep your lists with you throughout the show so you can always look back at them to keep yourself on track.
  • Being confident is just as important as being organised; try to forget all your problems and this way you'll dance better.
  • Always review dances with another performer several minutes before show time.


  • Drink lots of water. You can get dehydrated if you don't drink while dancing.
  • Don't practice so much that you are too exhausted for the show.
  • Don't include other people's dances in your list. Only include the ones that you are involved in.

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