How to Prepare for a School Dance (for Girls)

So you've bought the ticket and are excited for the dance, but you're still nervous and don't know what to do. You're not alone. Some girls are worried or want suggestions for their first school dance.


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    Decide if you're going to it or not. School dances can be fun and memorable, but not everybody likes dancing in front of a lot of people.
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    Congratulations! You've decided you're going to the dance. If you need a ticket, buy one. Some schools also require you to show them your i.d. at the entrance.
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    Decide your party. You can go with a date if you want, but it's pretty normal to go with a group of friends. But if nobody will go with you, you will most likely see people there from school that you know and can hang out with.
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    Pick out something to wear. Depending on how much you're going to dance, you're going to get sweaty, so wear a tank top. The first dance I went to was a Halloween dance in middle school, and I wore a costume and my makeup started literally running off my face, leaving a trail of red and blue. The point is, you're going to get sweaty. If it's a formal dance, like prom or homecoming, you should wear a skirt or a dress. But if it's a casual dance, then a skirt and a pretty top or jeans and a fancy top is fine. It depends on your dancing style, but for a casual dance you should not wear high heels. The best shoes you can wear to a casual dance are cute flats or converse.
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    Find your dancing style. If the dance is today, don't worry, you can find out in a few hours, but if it's in the future, it will be smart to start now. Find some music that will probably be found in a dance and listen to it. Examples of music found in a school dance:
    • Poker face by Lady Gaga
    • Every time we touch by Cascada
    • Down by Jay Sean
    • Meet me Halfway by the Black Eyed Peas
    • Low by Flo-Rida
    • And other fast music like that.
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    Either create your own dance moves or do the dance that goes with the song, such as getting low or something like that. If you're still worried, just do whatever everyone else is doing. HAVE FUN! make up your own moves, be funky!
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    If there's bad music or you decide that you're ready to go, just leave early. If a bunch of your friends don't want to stay, suggest that you all go out for ice cream or hang out in the parking lot or the food court.
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    When girls cry because nobody has asked them to dance, don't let it ruin your night. If one of them is your friend and you feel bad for them, explain to your date that you want to spend a song with her and dance with your friends. If he says it's not okay, suggest that he go grab a soda.


  • Wear what you want, dance your own dance, request a song! If you have a style that's different than everyone else's, embrace it! Who cares what you wear? Who cares how you dance? Who cares what music you listen to? Just remember to have fun!
  • It's not very comfortable to dance with a full tummy so try to eat lightly before you go. But do have something to eat so you won't pass out.
  • Wear something decent but comfortable. It's no use looking amazing if it itches or feels horrible.
  • Be careful with the makeup! You are adding to your natural beauty, not painting a new face.
  • If you get turned down after you ask someone to dance, say "oh okay, well maybe next time. have fun!" and they won't be too embarrassed or mad at you. Act like it's your best friend or your brother, and if you're still feeling awkward, step to the middle and dance it off.
  • If your friends are embarrassed to be seen with you because you're 'dancing wrong', ignore them and don't let it keep you from having fun. Chances are, there's someone on the dance floor being just as weird as you, and go and join them. If they ask why, if they don't know you, just tell them that you want to learn some moves and compliment their style.
  • Sometimes going without a date is good, because if you meet someone there and you want to dance with them, it's not a problem and nobody gets jealous.
  • Normally there is food served at the dance, but eat before in case you decide to dance hard, you could get hungry.
  • Do not bring a jacket unless its your first dance and you're not sure if you'll be leaving early. Nobody likes waiting to be picked up in a cold parking lot. If there's no place to put it, hide it in a tree or ask somebody who isn't dancing to keep it with them, unless you trust a thief.
  • If you are dancing with a bunch of friends, it is convenient to all be facing inward standing in a circle.
  • Don't overdo the makeup, it will probably be removed before your night is over anyway.
  • Do not go all out and wear a lot of makeup.


  • If someone asks you to dance, don't be mean about it, or rumors could spread about you.
  • Grinding or freaking at a school dance isn't smart and you could get caught.
  • You may get turned down if you ask someone to dance.

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