How to Prepare for Doomsday

Some people are frightened by the thought of Doomsday, and even more frightened about how to prepare for it. But if you set aside a little bit (or a lot) of time each day to prep, you'll be ready for whatever disaster hits.


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    Know the three most likely disasters and when they might happen. There are many different forms of Doomsday. If you take the time to decide which one you are going to focus on, you'll understand the concept of Doomsday better.
    • Molecular nanotechnology weapons (MNT for short). MNT is a technology formed on the ability to create structures to atomic specifications by mechanosynthesis. Weapons made with MNT could be less than an inch big, yet have the intelligence of a supercomputer. This risk would most likely occur in 10 to 20 years.
    • Wars. As simple as it sounds, a nuclear war that would most likely end up being World War III is very real. Military planners are creating concrete attack plans against Russia that include deploying missile systems and NATO ground forces in Ukraine. Although it does seem odd, some of these projects could destroy human values and turn people into unconscious zombies. YUCK! This risk would most likely occur in 5 to 7 years.
    • Electromagnetic pulse. A high voltage EMP could induce a spark. A large, energetic EMP could cause high currents that damage electrical equipment. But an extreme EMP event could turn the world into an oven. Kind of like The Scorch Trials and The Kill Order by James Dashner. Countries with powerful nuclear devices such as Russia and China could create an EMP as extreme. This risk would most likely occur in 1 to 10 years.
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    Figure out how big of a prepper you want to be. There are typically three types of preppers: Lifestyle, Passion, and Hobby. If you make prepping a lifestyle, you're going to spend LOTS of money and time on this. It becomes almost your second job, and most people have an extra room full of food, water, and other supplies. Making it a passion means you'll still spend an incredible amount of time on prepping, but you may find yourself trying to get cheaper items that may not protect you as well. The last level of prepping is just a hobby. Every once in a while, you go out and get a couple of cans of beans and vegetables. You store away one case of water, maybe two, and have a few weapons. Not much time or money is spent.
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    Create a schedule. Make sure you know when you are going to prep. If you work or have school during the day, wake up just an hour earlier and prep. Or, if you work out in the morning or can't possibly wake up at 5:00, go at night. Right after dinner and before shops close down can also be great, because there's no rush hour.
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    Make a bug out bag. A bug out bag is a big backpack or other type of bag that you have ready in case of an emergency. The safest bet during Doomsday is to bug in, but if the inevitable happens, a bug out bag should have everything you'd need to survive outside. It's almost like an earthquake kit. Here's a list of the minimum items that should be in everyone's bug out bag:
    • At least 4 flashlights and extra batteries
    • Small books or other things to pass time
    • Bandaids. LOTS
    • Any special medications
    • Non-perishable food, enough to last at least one week
    • Enough water to last two weeks
    • A Swiss Army knife (or two)
    • A small gun and a large gun
    • Chapstick, sunscreen, and other protection against the elements
    • At least one extra pair of socks, underwear, jeans, shorts, tank top/ bra (obviously for girls), shirt, sweatshirt, jacket, beanie, and hat
    • ANYTHING else you could imagine needing in the wilderness!
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    Collect rare items. Especially if you are bugging out, having something to trade is ideal. Gangs that have formed and claimed territory will make you pay for crossing. And they won't let you leave without paying something, either. Good things to carry around with you and in your BOB are half-dollars, rare coins, cool rocks, and things that look expensive.
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    Practice your bug-out drill. You may want to gather a group, or at least your family, to bug out with. If so, or even if not, practicing where you will go and what you will do and who you will go with and everything else will benefit you. Hide money (if you can) in places along your route, as well as food. Plan out every little detail, from where you will go to what precautions you will take.
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    Study up! If you read articles about EMPs, MNT, and nuclear wars, you'll know much more about Doomsday. Read about picking a lock, making weapons from rocks and sticks, and others. There are websites that feature ways to survive Doomsday, and even I go onto those and learn more.


  • Talk to your family about prepping. If you want a team, they're the best chance you have!
  • Exercise often. You'll need to pull your own weight, so keep up your strength and stamina.


  • If you are practicing alone, carry a GPS or cell phone with VERY good data so you don't get lost or hurt.
  • Always take safety courses on using weapons and firearms, and never practice alone!

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