How to Prepare the Night Before the First Day of School (Sixth Grade Girls)

So the first day of school is coming and you have to be prepared the night before? Are you a sixth grader?


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    Make sure you have exercised. Exercise helps you keep in a nice hourglass figure and not chunky and fat. The best exercises are running, jogging, jumping jacks, and pushups (for girls). Make sure to drink lots of water to keep you hydrated for the day. did you know? drinking water helps your skin moisturize!<
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    Finish any work. Some work like: summer school homework, unfinished sheets, etc. It is best to finish them because you don't need any stress the day before school! Make sure you do it in the morning so you can hand-it-in earlier and not late in the evening when you have to relax
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    Pack your lunch and put it in the fridge the day before. Try to pack a healthy lunch to school like applesauce, spaghetti and meatballs, and sandwiches. Avoid packing burgers (unless it is chicken).
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    Bring out your school clothes. If you have a uniform iron it, if you just have new back to school clothes lay em' out on the floor and not on your bed because you have to sleep but let's get to sleep later. If you don't have some back to school clothes, (which you should). Go shopping for some and a lot because you really need clothes for school!
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    Prepare for bed. The best thing to do before sleep is a nice warm shower with soft smelling soap. Usually warm showers make people extremely tired. it is just their brain. Maybe put some of your favourite music on to relax.
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    Sleep well. If a warm shower doesn't put you to bed, a nice good book should. They really make you dose off and get really tired. Also, another method is to talk to yourself or watch TV for 30 minutes or less, depending on how tired you are. Watch something boring, like the news it is likely to put you to sleep.
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    Just before you touch your pillow, set an alarm clock to full sound. The earlier you wake up, the better.

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