How to Pretend to Be a Cat

Two Methods:Looking Like a CatActing Like a Cat

Cats are playful, fuzzy and fierce. Pretending to be a cat is a splendid way to have fun on a rainy day! Keep reading to learn how to pretend to be a cat.

Method 1
Looking Like a Cat

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    Decide what kind of cat you want to pretend to be. Different breeds of cats all have unique features and personalities. Are you refined like a Persian cat or are you wild like a Manx?[1] You can even pretend to be a big cat like a lion, tiger, or a cheetah.
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    Choose clothes that will emulate your chosen cat breed’s coloring. There’s no need to buy a costume (although you can if you really want to!). Check your closet to see what you already have that could give you the same coloring as your chosen cat breed. If possible, pick something fuzzy or at least soft to the touch.
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    Use eyeliner to give yourself whiskers and cat eyes. You can use a black or brown eyeliner to give yourself cat eyes and whiskers. Chose the color that best complements your cat breed’s coloring.
    • Line your eyes all the way around with eyeliner and extend the line beyond your upper and lower eyelid so that the two lines meet on the outer corner of your eye and form a point or a tail.[2]
    • Use the eyeliner to draw an upside down triangle on the tip of your nose. Fill it in completely. Then, give yourself whiskers by drawing three or four lines extending from the bottom of your nose (near your nostrils) out onto your cheeks.

Method 2
Acting Like a Cat

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    Use cat speech. The meows, chitters, purrs, growls, and yowls that cats make all have different meanings. Learn what these sounds mean and use them to communicate to cats and humans that you encounter.[3]
    • Meows should be used for greetings and for when you want something.
    • Chitters should be used to express excitement.
    • Purrs should be used to show others you are happy or content.
    • Growls should be used to show others that you are angry or nervous.
    • Yowls should be used to show others that you are in trouble or hurt.
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    Use cat body language. Cats also communicate using their bodies. Learn what different cat body language means so that you can use it to show cats and humans how you feel.[4]
    • Arching your back shows that you are angry, frightened or, in some cases, that you want to be pet.
    • Lying on your back while purring means that you are very relaxed, but lying on your back while growling means that you are ready to attack.
    • Rubbing against objects or people means that you are marking your territory.
    • Kneading a person, pillow, or other soft surface means that you are very happy.
    • Lifting your head, then curling your lips back and breathing through your mouth (known as the flehmen response) means that you are gathering more information.
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    Communicate annoyance and affection with your eyes. Cats have different ways of showing that they are angry at you or that they love you. Learn what cats do to show these emotions so that you can express yourself this way too. [5]
    • Staring means that a cat is angry or challenging someone. Don’t hold eye contact for a long time unless you want to show anger towards someone or challenge their authority.
    • Blinking slowly is how cats show affection. Blink slowly at cats or humans to show them you love them.
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    Perfect your cat walk. Notice how cats walk and try to copy their walk. Walk fast when you are excited, walk slowly and silently when you are on the prowl, and run straight at your prey when you want to catch something or someone.


  • Try drinking water or milk from a dish to take it to the next level.
  • Put on Cat-Eyeliner to really make your look pop!
  • Buy some cat contacts to make your eyes look like cat eyes.


  • Keep in mind that you may not be allowed to talk cat, or wear cat ears in a class.
  • Don't get TOO into it. You may start to scare people.

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