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How to Prevent Colds/Infections And/or Survive Them

Two Methods:To Avoid The Infection AltogetherTo Treat an InfectionCommunity Q&A

Colds. Viral Infections. The dreaded influenza. Just about everyone has had a cold, and everyone would agree they can be annoying—sometimes even truly painful. But there are ways that you can actually avoid getting these devils in the first place, and also things that can help you survive while you have one.

Method 1
To Avoid The Infection Altogether

  1. 1
    Get a lot of sleep and rest. Sleep is your bodies only way to naturally process food and liquids so they can be used in the morning. Without sleep, your body cannot function correctly, because there is not enough energy. Think of it like this: Your body creates energy more efficiently during sleep, because you aren't doing day activities, such as running and playing. Your body is doing less work, and thus using less energy, so less energy being created is automatically being used by your body. Now if there was no sleep, no matter how much you eat or drink, your body cannot keep making energy fast enough to keep up with your necessities as well as other activities you do. Thus, everything that is going on is going slower and more sluggish than normal, due to the famine of energy. This also affects your immune-system, or your body's natural defense mechanism. Since your immune-system is going sluggish, infections are more likely to occur, because your body cannot fight them off as well! Freaky-Fact: Everyone thinks that the most important thing in surviving is water, and that's correct. But they also think that it is the necessity that you have to have within 3 days, a.k.a. the least amount of time. Part of that is correct, and the other part is wrong. Yes, you can only really survive around 3-days without water, but it's not ranked the least amount of time. Actually, the least amount of time is sleep. Normal functioning of the body cannot go over more than 2 days! This is why many dungeons and prisons would torture inhabitants by putting them through extreme sleeplessness, eventually leading up to insanity.
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    Drink LOTS of H2O (water!). Water is imperative when it comes to normal functioning of the liver, kidneys, digestive-track, lymphatic-system, and just about every other part of your body. As said above, you cannot survive very long without water, so drink-up! The less stress and shock your body has, the better you'll turn out.
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    Keep your hands, fingers, hair, jewelry, clothing, that carrot you dropped on the ground, etc. out of your mouth, eyes, ears, nose, bellybutton, etc. It's like the dream-train for germs; a highway to your entire body.
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    Wash your hands often, especially after toilet trouble, dirty jobs and messes, before/after meals, after coughing and/or sneezing and/or bowing your nose 'till your brains come out. It's another way for viruses and bacteria to enter your body and someone else's.
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    Try not to have anyone else (like a friend or relative) sleep in the same bed as you normally sleep in, or at least on the side you sleep on. Drool, breath, snot, you name it always ends up on the pillow or comforter, and yet another pathway for infection has come up!
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    Eat healthy. Very blunt, yet very descriptive, and yet also has to be explained to a point. Vegetables and fruits, especially vegetables, give your body the right stuff for fighting viruses and keeps the function in order. Try to avoid refined flour, grains, and starches; blood sugar spikes, and drops, leaving you vulnerable to attacks. Milk is also quite-good, as well as other dairy stuff. Avoid sugars; they make your immune-system sluggish and tired. NO GOOD!!! Try to eat a balanced meal, too. If all you have is a grilled cheese sandwich with some chips and a Coke, not only will your blood sugar spike, but there is not enough vegetables and fruits to balance all those carbohydrates. Also, eating veggies and fruits will help reduce the impact of carbs and sugar on your blood sugar!!! By the way, try to not eat stuff with a waxy-coating, anything that has artificial preservatives, artificial colors and flavors, hormones, GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) , chemicals, etc. They are hard on just about everything in your body.
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    Take vitamins and minerals; especially Vitamin C and D. C is for many things, including the immune-system, and Vitamin D focuses just about everything on your immune system. Very important!!!
  8. 8
    Get good exercise! Exercise is proven to reduce the impact and help prevent colds in the first-place. Plus, it's great for your muscles and heart!

Method 2
To Treat an Infection

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    Know where the infection is. Is it an annoying stuffy nose, or is it located in the throat. Many common colds happen in your breathing/pulmonary area. Colds also like to start in the nose, then gradually come down to the throat, thus many coughs have a nose-problem, too. But since it started in the nose, and your body wasn't able to fight it off in time for it to reach your throat, coughs often show a weakness in the immune-system.
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    Follow many of the steps or all of the steps featured at the top part of this article. Sleep, good hydration, sometimes exercise, etc. can help dramatically.
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    Sometimes some medications can help. Try to avoid drugs; it's an overload to the liver and can actually rebound if taken all the time. Try natural remedies, like Umcka, Zinc, Vitamin C and D, Echinacea and Goldenseal, Grapefruit Seed Extract, etc.
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    Keep on an optimistic-mood. Negative a pessimistic moods make things worse, mentally and physically. There's a sugar pill out on the market called Placebo, and the name says it all. A Placebo is a thing that makes you think that it is helping you, even though it really isn't. It's all the mind. The Placebo Product is a Placebo, all the pill is is sugar, but it makes you think that it will actually help, even though your brain is totally doing 100% of the work. Sometimes it can help.
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    Electrolytes are handy, as well, because they help with dehydration and keeps your body going.

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  • Hand sanitizers works on germs, but not viruses! Viruses can change from chemical to organism in a snap, so killing them is hard. Also, the sanitizer actually can dry out your hands.
  • Cough, sneeze, and blow to yourself, so you don't pass the infection. The last thing you want is your best bud to come down with the same thing you had.
  • Sometimes, when having a cold, you need to just relax! If it is severe enough, stay home from school or work, and try not to interact with people as much!


  • Watch out for allergies! Not only can they seem like a cold, but trying a remedy that is an allergy to you can result in an allergic-reaction!

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