How to Price a Reflexology Practitioner

It’s important to price a reflexologist practitioner before you schedule an appointment for a session. Requirements for certified reflexologists vary considerably, so you want to be sure you are getting cost comparisons for trained professionals. The steps listed below will help you find the right practitioner at the right price.


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    Restrict your search to nationally certified reflexologists only. Requirements for people who practice reflexology can be radically different from one locale to another. If you price reflexology practitioners with national board certifications, you are more likely to be comparing apples to apples instead of comparing apples to oranges. Board certified reflexologists have passed a national exam. In order to pass that exam, they have most likely had hundreds of hours of hands-on experience and training.
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    Search the Internet to see if there are local practitioners who have websites. Read all the information they provide. Exclude them from your search if their website doesn’t state their certification. If they don’t list their prices, make a note of their phone number.
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    Select at least 3 names of board certified practitioners in your area that you have obtained by looking in the Yellow Pages or by visiting their websites, and call each one.
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    Ask what a reflexology session costs. You should also ask about the duration of the session and whether the length of the session includes an initial consultation. A typical session should last at least 30 minutes but most sessions will take about an hour.
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    Determine if there are any cancellation fees for missed appointments.
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    Inquire about any special plans or packages. Perhaps there is a senior citizen discount or a discount on future treatments if you refer friends to the practitioner. Some reflexologists have loyalty plans. They will reward you with one free session after you have paid for a predetermined number of treatments. Ask if there is a discount for pre-paying or a discount for paying in cash instead of paying with a credit card.
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    Suggest a meeting so that you can discuss reflexology in general and what you can expect from your treatment. A reputable reflexologist should readily agree to meet and talk to you before you schedule an appointment. Make it clear that you just want a few minutes of their time and you aren’t coming in for an evaluation or consultation.


  • It wouldn’t hurt to check some user-recommendation websites to see if there are any complaints about the pricing policies of the reflexologist you are considering visiting.
  • If the price of a reflexology session is not within your budget, see if there is a local university with a reflexology certification program. You may be able to obtain a session with a student reflexologist at a reduced cost.
  • Some flexible healthcare plans may include reimbursement for reflexology.


  • Remember to look for certified reflexologists only. Reflexology is not a foot massage or a sports massage, nor is it a toe reading a footbath.
  • Reflexology is a complementary or supplemental healing treatment. If you have been diagnosed with a serious medical condition, check with your physician about the benefits of reflexology for your condition or ailment.

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