How to Protect a New Watch Face

The most beautiful and expressive part of any watch is the face. But if not taken care of properly, your new watch face can get scratched, dented, or chipped very easily. Here's some tips to make sure your new watch stays looking fresh for years to come!


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    Purchase a watch with a guarantee against scratching. All watch faces are not made equal. Look for brands that provide a guarantee against scratching if you're prone to this problem.
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    Wear a watch guard when doing things that might scratch the watch. Purchase a watch guard or protector that can cover the watch face for you when you are concerned that the watch might be at risk of getting scratched.
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    Remove the watch for sports, gardening, mucking out the horses, etc. The safest way to avoid scratches is to avoid wearing the watch during activities where there is a high likelihood of scratching occurring.
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    Use watch face scratch remover. This is usually in the form of a paste that can remove haze and scratches from certain watches or watch face types. Ask at the jeweler's or look online. Alternately, ask the jeweler to fix the scratches for you.
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    Turn the watch away from the risk of scratching. If you're performing an activity where the placement of your watch is problematic, it might be helpful to turn the watch around, or even to change arms temporarily. Get into the habit of doing this if you undertake the activity repeatedly.


  • Always be sure to put your watch somewhere safe and secure if you take it off. It is easy to forget to put it back on and even easier for someone to steal it if you leave it somewhere accessible.

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