How to Purify Yourself to Connect With Angels

Self-purification will make it easier for the angels to communicate with you.


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    Purify your thoughts. It is no good appearing to be full of happiness and love on the outside whilst burying negative thoughts on the inside. You may be able to fool humans, but you will not deceive the angels! Your aura will be dark and dense if it is filled with negative thoughts. Try to fill your aura with thoughts of love, beauty, peace and joy. If you feel angry, frustrated, afraid or worried, write down these feelings on a piece of paper and then burn it. Fire is an incredibly powerful cleanser! If it is not convenient to burn your piece of paper, then cut or tear it into pieces and bury it. I believe, however, that fire is the most effective method.
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    Smudge your aura. If you intuitively feel that there is negativity around you, try using a sage smudge stick to cleanse your aura.
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    Purify your body. Your body is the temple of your soul and it does not appreciate, or thrive upon, a diet of junk food. Your taste buds may crave it, but poor-quality food will lower your vibrations dramatically. You do not have to be perfect, but try to eliminate too much sugar, additives, salt, alcohol, tea, coffee, red meat and dairy foods from your diet. It is a natural process that, as your body begins to attune to the higher vibrational frequency of the angels, your desire and cravings for inappropriate foods will lessen. You will want to eat more natural foods and organic produce and will naturally crave large quantities of pure, natural, spring water.
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    Avoid certain places and people. As you attune to the angelic realms, you may find that some of your friends and acquaintances will not appeal to you quite so much. If someone makes you feel drained of depressed, try spending less and less time with him or her for a while. What is happening is that you are absorbing their negative energies and are feeling bad. They, on the other hand, are absorbing your positive energies and are feeling wonderful! You may also find that certain environments (such as smoky bars and noisy clubs) begin to lose their appeal. As I have said, however, you will find that is a natural shift.
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    Ask your angels. If you still feel in need of cleansing, then, either in meditation or just before you go to sleep at night, ask the "angels of purification" to purify you as you sleep or meditate. Do this as often as necessary and you will emerge feeling wonderfully clean and refreshed.
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    Call upon Archangel Michael. If you feel that there is a person who is still holding on to you, perhaps from a past relationship, then call upon Archangel Michael. Before you go to sleep, or in meditation, ask him to use his holy sword to cut the etheric cords that bind you and that are draining your energy.


  • Purification takes time, so be patient.

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