How to Put More Effort into School and Chores

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Slacking off on the most important things? Does that include school and chores? If so, read this article to motivate you to put more effort in those things.


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    Make a list. Set up a pair of whiteboards or chalkboards in your room: one for chores and one for school assignments. You can use these to stay on task, and you can also check them off when done, a whiteboard with everything crossed off and done can be very motivating!
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    Plan your week on a big wall calendar. Know when things are due, and what chores need to be done when.
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    Schedule fun time to keep yourself from procrastinating later. For example, set aside Friday evenings to relax.

Method 1

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    Pay attention! Have both your eyes and ears on the teacher. Focus and take in on what he/she is talking about. Take notes if possible. Make sure the teacher knows you are focused on her/him.
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    Study! To bring your grade up, you should study. Go to a library or somewhere else that's quiet. Make sure that there are no distractions that will keep you away from reaching your goal.
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    Finish your schoolwork and homework! That will make your teacher say, " Wow! So and So is making so much more of an effort!" It will bring up your grade and will make your teacher happy.
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    Work on your behavior! You can be the smartest person in your class, but you have the worst obedience. Believe it or not, bad behavior can bring your grade down.

Method 2

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    Clean a little bit more! Your parents will be happier with a cleaner house! Also, accepting the role and knowing you have to do it!
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    Be happy when you clean. Play some music. Something that will make you get into it and have more fun.


  • Teachers get judged on how well you do in their class. If you fail, it makes the teacher look bad.
  • Know you have to do it! Whether it's school or chores, you may not have a choice. Be happy with it.
  • Make an effort of putting an effort!


  • You may not like trying. But it's something everyone has to do!
  • Learn to love it. Life is not long. Be happy with the things you have.

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