wikiHow to React If Your Ex Boyfriend Asks You Out Again

If an ex-boyfriend asks you out again it can put you in an unexpected position. You may have thought it was over and been very happy about that, or maybe you even missed him too. The main thing to remember is that no matter how you feel or felt about him it still took a lot for him to ask you out again so try not to be too hard if the answer is no,or if you do not know then follow your instincts.


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    Tell him how you feel if you don't want to go out with him again. Make sure you are somewhere quiet where people won't overhear and make both of you nervous or embarrassed
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    Explain that you broke up the first time for a reason. The problems you both had in the relationship haven't gone away. You are still you and he is still... well... him. Maybe you two just don't work together as a couple.
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    Tell him that it's not a bad thing that you don't work together but by dating again you might just make any problems between the two of you worse by going over old ground again and eventually just hurting each other all over again.
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    Ask him to see the sense in what you're saying and give up asking, thus saving you the embarrassment of him asking you again, and him the embarrassment of you saying no again.
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    Accept the offer if you do want to go out with him again. He'll be pleased, but remember why it didn't work first time round and remind him. If it was something you two can fix you should both resolve to fix it, to work on the relationship to stop the same thing breaking you up again. You both may want to take things slowly until you can get over what broke you first time round.


  • If it's yes, take things slowly. Don't expect to jump straight back to the place you were before you broke up- there may be trust issues
  • If he's the one who broke up with you and he realized what he lost, try playing a little hard to see if you want him back too or it could look like you're under his control and he can get you whenever he wants and with no effort. So don't say yes right away.
  • If you are thinking of saying yes, think of why you broke up in the first place. Think to yourself, "Do I want to go through this again?"
  • If it's yes, make sure he knows where you're coming from immediately, especially if you are truly giving your relationship another chance. It's important to be very clear, as it may be a case where he assumes that he knows how you feel, especially when it comes to him. Honesty is the key to any great relationship.
  • If it's no, be gentle. Explain that it really isn't him, it's what happened before and that you don't want either of you to have to go through that again
  • If he broke up with you and you were devastated, and you are realizing that it is likely that the same exact thing will happen again, go read how to get over a break up. That may actually be the most helpful thing you can do if you're tempted to get back into an unhealthy situation.
  • By saying no, this does not stop you from being friends.


  • Remember, if he broke up with you and you spent days crying about it, think about the way you felt, and then realize it might happen again, even if you like him.
  • Just because both of you still have feelings for each other it doesn't always mean it'll work. Go for it if you feel it's right for you, but if you do, don't just expect results. Be prepared to work on things or it will crash and burn once more
  • If you decide to go out again, be prepared for the same thing to break you up again
  • Sometimes once isn't enough but don't get personal. Keep reminding him why it didn't work the first time. Male ego won't let him get knocked back too often
  • If he broke your heart, he's a jerk and you don't need him. You are too good for him! - unless there's the chance he thought you were going to break up with him.
  • Do not let him get the best of you. Remember when you guys were broken up, and what he put you through. That in the long run you can be without him and because of him you became a lot stronger as a person. If he was a good friend after your breakup, then he's probably a really good guy.

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