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Have you been insulted or teased lately? School can be rough, so you may be thinking it's time to come up with some better comebacks. Wrong! What you really need is to be the better person and help the one insulting understand not to mess with you. This article will offer some tips on how to do that.


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    Prepare for the scenario. This is the situation:
    • Bully: You are so freaking ugly.
    • You: Really, because that isn't what people usually tell me. Thank you for making me more aware of my surroundings.
      • Hopefully, the bully or whoever it is will just walk away. Or maybe they think they are tougher than you so they say another insult. Such as:
    • Bully: Nerd.
    • You: Thanks.
    • Bully: You are such a freak.
    • You: *laughs creepily*
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    Always smile. Bullies insult you to get you upset and see you go crazy , but if you're happy about it or just don't care , what's the point, right? They have no motive. If they see you're not bothered by it, even enjoying it, they'll leave you alone. It's not fun for them anymore.
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    Walk away. Just ignore everything they do and say and walk away. This will show that you couldn't care less about their opinion of you. All they want is a reaction, so don't give them one.
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    Don't bully back. Politely tell them that you don't mind their comments, but never resort to violence in return. This makes you look as insecure as the bully is.
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    If the bullying persists, tell a trusted adult. This will scare the bully because you told someone more powerful than they are. Tell someone they know not to disrespect. Also, by telling a trusted adult you are calmly showing the bully that although it's not bothering you, you know it's wrong and you're not afraid to do something about it. What bullies call "Tattle-telling" will make you look strong, not weak.
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    Always stay calm. The bully is thirsty for a reaction, they want entertainment. If an audience is there that's even better. By not giving them a show you are not letting them win.


  • Another thing you can do is pretend to be concerned about them and say something like, "Are you having a bad day today?"
  • Avoid these people. Only hang out with people that don't tease you.
  • Talk to a trusted adult.
  • This is a very old reaction to insults but it is a good one. Just say thank you to the insult. This will show your opponent that you don't care what they think, and that their ridiculous comebacks don't offend you.
  • If you are religious, pray for the bully and yourself.


  • Be careful out there; kids and teens are getting meaner and meaner by the second, so be reasonable and trust your instincts if you feel threatened.
  • If the person insulting you starts physically attacking you, the best thing to do is to tell someone.
  • If someone starts commenting too harshly then you may want to consult them and say something calm like, "Sometimes sarcasm hurts." And, if the things that they are saying get worse, tell a teacher or someone you trust.
  • If you are too nice to an insult, the offender may think that you are an easy target, so watch out and always have a few comebacks handy.

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