How to Receive Contracts from Nazir in Skyrim

Nazir is one of the prominent members of the Dark Brotherhood guild in Skyrim. He doesn’t participate in any main mission but will give random quests to your hero for additional money bonuses. The main objective of these missions is to take down and kill the target Nazir gives you.


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    Begin the “With Friends like These” quest. After completing the “Innocence is Lost” mission, find a bed (can be inside any building) and sleep. Once you wake up, you’ll find your character inside a strange cabin with a female assassin named Astrid, the leader of the Dark Brotherhood.
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    Complete the quest. Astrid will show you three other captives inside the cabin as well. She will tell you that in order for you to escape, you need to kill one of the captives she showed you. Kill either one or all of the captives, and Astrid will invite you to join the Dark Brotherhood, completing the quest.
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    Go to the Dark Brotherhood sanctuary. Upon completion of the “With Friends like These” quest, Astrid will reveal the location of the guild’s headquarters so you can go to it and join. It’s a large cave with wooden doors found a few meters west of the city of Falkreath.
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    Look for Nazir. Go inside the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary and head to the other end of the hideout where you can find the dining hall. Inside is a man from the Redguard race wearing a red hood. This is Nazir.
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    Ask Nazir for a contract. Talk to Nazir, and he will give you your first target that you need to kill. After you’ve completed the first mission, you can go back to him and ask for another one. Nazir can give you a total of 12 contracts.


  • The Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary can only be accessed once “With Friends like These” quest has been completed. That’s why you need to finish it first before you can receive Contracts from Nazir.
  • The contracts Nazir gives to you are in random order, with the targets being random as well.

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