How to Record the Paranormal

Do you believe you have ghosts or another anomaly in your home and want to get some confirmation? Then this article is a great way to get that. Hopefully it helps, good luck! (This article does not tell you how to get rid of ghosts etc. it only explains things and tells you one way to record anomalies)


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    Know your facts. This is important, if you don't know much about the paranormal you can get yourself into something you never wanted to.
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    Always try to recreate your experiences, for example if you hear a scary noise try to make that noise again. If you can chances are it wasn't paranormal. A good tracker is always skeptical and practical.
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    Try to get information about your situation. this is where the local history books can come in handy. if you have no information at the start skip this step and do after you do get info.
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    Know the different tools you have to work with. Not everyone has access to the latest in paranormal tracking devises so the following are things you should be able to attain easily. tape recorder, town history books, and above all common sense.
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    Remember that if you have a ghost in your home that they were people once and technically still are. they can be offended, or made a best friend. neither is recommended as if you offend it you can get hurt and if you get attached to it you can possibly prevent the spirit from moving on
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    Know that there are not just ghosts, you can have a poltergeist, ghost, spirit, imprint, haunting, negative entity, and a number of other things. you should try to decide which one you have before you start your investigation so here is a list of phenomena that usually occurs with a few of these. ghosts: seeing a human figure walking around, talking from no source, doors opening of there own accord poltergeist: unusual stacking of objects, levitating objects, destruction of home, this is the type of thing that just enjoys causing problems imprint: the same things happening over and over at about the same time each time. an imprint is when a traumatic event took place in that area and it is imprinted into time so it plays itself back over and over again. negative entity: sickness in the family, scratching, malevolent noises, dark figures. these can be the worst kind of problem.
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    After you have pinpointed which one you have and followed the other steps just think back to the things that happened inexplicably. it may be a good idea to keep a journal of these things. one of the most common things is that one of your relatives is trying to tell you something or is just coming in to see how your doing so thinking back can help riddle things out
    • If you have children in the mix, they are not to be completely out of this. Children are impressionable and can therefore be a target or something to communicate through. Ask your children about their dreams and tell them what's going on but leave out the scary things as not to panic them, they are a huge help.
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    Don't bother going to a physic. There are to many that are fakes just in it for the money to trust.
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    Start your investigation at the time when you have noticed activity to be at a high, the middle of the night isn't always the best time. set up a tape recorder and explain clear and simple out loud that the item on the table or wherever you placed the recorder is going to allow you to hear what they say to you at a later time. then explain how they should use it, by speaking into it directly. now ask a question, anything you need to know and wait a minute or so for ample time for an answer, continue this until you think you're done then play back the tape, louder if you can and try to listen for an answer. now that you may have more info you can go back to the history books, see if you can find any matches.
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    Remember that the entities are there for a reason, some are there because they are family and are helping you, others because they used to own the house, maybe they are tied to the land and mad that now there's a building on it, maybe you drew the spirit in. now how is that possible?


  • hauntings aren't only in houses, it could be land, objects, people, etc.
  • make sure your careful and know all the facts
  • Once you know what type of "haunting" you have research that individually to figure out how to get rid of it
  • if your results show nothing it doesn't mean your crazy or whatever it just means that these methods weren't effective
  • remember you are in control and if you feel threatened ever take authority over the entity and say in a firm loud voice "get away from me" in most cases it will back off if only for a little while, you are never out of power unless you give it away yourself, don't be afraid.
  • don't handle this by yourself, get family involved no one can do this on their own
  • getting rid of it isn't the most sensible answer every time, use your common sense
  • Make sure you note any noises that you make while recording. Things sound a lot different when you are reviewing your audio.


  • NEVER USE A OUIJA BOARD! for reasons explained in the article
  • be careful
  • know your facts

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  • Local History Books
  • Tape Recorder

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