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Eventually, the grips on a bike's handlebars have to be replaced. In many cases you will know that the time has come because the grips are sliding off, a most dangerous condition. Having them come off in your hand really can put you under the wheels of oncoming traffic. Check in a good wiki for vital (indeed, life-saving) tips on fixing handlebar grips firmly back in place.

In the unusual case that you wish to change handlebar grips that are not loose, one will normally cut them off and discard the old ones. In the even more unlikely event of your wanting to save the old grips, then their removal intact can be made much easier by using a can of furniture polish with lemon and a thin screwdriver. You'll be popping those grips off in no time.


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    Gather the supplies you will need: a screwdriver and lemon furniture polish. Never use oil.
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    Spray the furniture polish onto the screwdriver. Then insert the lubricated screwdriver between the grip and handlebar. Push it all the way in.
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    Move the old grip around and around until the grip is loosened from the handlebar. Twist it with your other hand until you feel it sliding.
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    Pull it to remove the grip. Spray some furniture polish in there if more lubrication is needed.


  • Another method of removing a stubborn rubber grip is to use a syringe to inject water under the grip. The water acts as a lubricant and a couple of small injections make the grip really easy to remove. This trick is especially helpful if you are worried about damaging a carbon fiber bar.
  • If your grips twist on the bar during hard riding, remove the grip and use hairspray as a lubricant to replace the grip. Once the hairspray dries it helps stop the grips from twisting.
  • Alternatively, just use a utility knife to cut the grip off if you don't care about keeping the grip after it has been removed.
  • Why lemon furniture polish? Because in addition to lubricating, it will clean the bike, dry easily, prevent dirt from sticking when you're done and it will smell like lemon!
  • If you have access to a compressor, try inserting a dust-off nozzle (or other slim nozzle) in place of the screwdriver, then blasting with air. The rushing air will "float" the grip so it can be removed easily.
  • Using a spray bottle of general purpose cleaner with bleach works well, too.
  • This also works if you use hairspray, but you need to get the grips off before the hairspray dries.
  • Another alternative is to get a hose and spray it forcefully (putting your finger on the end) into the inside(brake side) of the grip and pull off quickly. Allow to dry before placing back on. Then just hit the outside of the grip.
  • You need fat composition to accurately take off hand grips, so any type of carbon base fat should do it. I used glycerin , and with a small momentum force, I took it off easily. Also, because glycerol is base for all triglycerides, have in mind, that you should let it dry, and than remains wash off with ordinary soap. let it dry, and use rubber based glue to stick it on. Later removal is easier, because glycerin is natural lubricant for all rubber based compounds.
  • Mineral spirits are also a great alternative and can be found in the painting supply section of your local hardware store.
  • Rubbing alcohol works as well as a lubricant to remove and install grips.
  • If removing grips from a motorcycle with a twist throttle, its easiest to poke a hole in the end of the throttle grip, and use the screwdriver inwards (opposite of the way described above. don't crack the throttle twist!
  • A good alternative is to submerge the handlebar in hot water, that way the rubber will expand, allowing you to easily remove the grip!
  • If the old grip does not stay tight with hairspray, use a single layer of electrical tape barely overlapping itself first, then use hairspray, minimally. Let dry.


  • Be careful when applying force to the screwdriver.
  • Keep the furniture polish away from your chain, rims, and bearings if you use it to clean your bike.
  • Be sure to clean the polish off of your handlebars with rubbing alcohol, denatured alcohol, or acetone fingernail polish remover before installing a new pair of grips or else they won't stay on.
  • Using a screwdriver or utility knife is fine for plumber's pipe handlebars, but carbon fiber or thin walled aluminum handlebars can fail if scratched or cut resulting in serious injury.
  • Grip glue will hold your new grips in place; it comes off cleanly and won't melt your grips like toluene-based glues.

Things You'll Need

  • Small screwdriver or other long rod with a small diameter
  • Lemon furniture polish or similar product

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