How to Remove Eye Makeup Instantly

Fast removal of eye makeup is important for those nights when you come home late and want to drop into bed as quickly as possible. There is no need to purchase expensive products, however, as you can rely on simple products already in your home: vegetable oils and lotion.


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    Grab a bottle of gentle, unscented lotion (baby lotion works particularly well) or a type of vegetable oil, including olive oil (recommended), coconut oil, sesame oil, jojoba oil, and wheat germ oil. Head to a bathroom sink where you can wash your face.
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    Assemble a washcloth or towel. Run it under warm water and wring it out thoroughly so that it is damp.
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    Place a dime-sized portion of lotion or vegetable oil on your eyes, rubbing it thoroughly onto your eyelid. Be careful not to get the product in your eyes, as it will cause your makeup to run into your eye and irritate it. The vegetable oil will break down the formulation of eyeliner and eyeshadows, making them easier to remove.
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    Wipe off the lotion or oil with the damp washcloth (or a disposable napkin/tissue). Rinse your eyelids thoroughly -- again, taking care to not let anything get into your eyes. All the eye makeup should come off seamlessly.
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    If you have the time, follow this procedure by washing your face with a gentle, makeup-removing facial cleanser, such as the First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser or Camaieu Perfuma's Waterless Milk Cleanser. Use something that removes makeup, surface oils and other grime that can collect on your face for the best deep clean.


  • Use a high-quality eyeliner that won't stick to your eyes or smear all over the place, clogging your pores. If you use eyeliner every day, it's a good idea to invest in a high-quality liner to take care of your face.
  • You can also purchase pre-wetted makeup-removing pads from a local drugstore (e.g., Neutrogena Extra Gentle Eye Makeup Remover Pads and apply them to your eyelids to quickly and effectively take off all makeup. They even come in travel-size packs for on-the-go makeup fixes! If convenient, you should still follow up with washing and moisturizing your face to take proper care of your skin.
  • Some gentle, deep cleansing facial washes that profess to remove makeup (like the First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser) will allow you to skip the lotion/vegetable oil steps completely. You can directly apply the cleanser itself to your eyelid and gently rub in circles to remove the eye-makeup. However, continue to make sure you don't get the formulation in your eyes, as your makeup will still cause your eyes to sting even if the cleanser is ultra gentle.


  • If you don't change your facial towels daily, use a disposable napkin or tissue paper instead of a washcloth. Removing eyeliner will stain your eyeliner with black (or whatever color eyeliner you used) goop, so that's not a washcloth you'd want to reuse.

Things You'll Need

  • A gentle, unscented lotion or vegetable oil (olive, sesame, wheatgerm, jojoba, etc.)
  • A washcloth or disposable napkin/tissue
  • Water

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