How to Retain Customers & Earn Loyalty

The loyalty of customers is a tendency that makes them favor your brand over all your competitors due to various reasons. The major reasons for retention and loyalty of your customers may include their satisfaction with your products and/or services or their familiarity and convenience with purchasing your brand. This loyalty encourages consumers to shop around with confidence and spend a bigger share of their wallets. Did you know retaining an old customer is ten times cheaper than acquiring a new one and the key to customers’ retention is the sense of loyalty within them? There are many different ways of retaining customers and earning their loyalty. Here are some tips aimed to help you earn loyalty of your customers and to retain them:


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    Stand on your Promises & Words. Delivering excellent customer services and exceptional customer experience is not something you need doing once or twice. In fact, it is something you need to be consistent with. For instance, you treated your customers so well that they recommended your business to friends and many other people. The people with recommendations would turn to you with high expectations and if their expectations are not met, there could not be anything worse. Therefore, business experts always recommend to 'walk the talk'.
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    Acknowledge Customer Queries Promptly. There could not be anything more infuriating for your customers than getting late or no response from your customer support team. In order to retain your customers and earn their loyalty, make sure your customer support department is up to the mark. Whether it is telephonic contact center, live chat support or electronic mail, your response should be immediate and satisfactory for the customers. During the hours when your e-mail rapid response team is not available, you should setup auto-response system and respond as soon as you discover a query mail. Besides, you should purchase live chat software form a hi-tech company such as LiveAdmins® so as to enjoy all the latest features and facilities.
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    Frequently Announce Customer Rewards. Announcing customer rewards often is a great idea, this helps build customer loyalty. You should plan giving away gifts to your customers on special events and occasions, so as to make them feel honored and to grab their loyalty as a result. You should also reward your customers who have had any unpleasant experience with you in the past, in order to cover it and make them loyal to you.
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    Don’t be Complacent. Being self-satisfied is dangerous, whether it's being satisfied with oneself or one's business. There is always a margin of improvement, so you need to constantly review and analyze the performance of your organization. This can be done by encouraging customer feedback as well as by conducting various surveys. Besides, you should instruct your customer support staff to respond to customers' complaints and negative remarks calmly and try their level best to reply in a satisfactory manner. By following these guidelines, you can retain ultimate customers' loyalty as well as retention in the long run.

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