How to Revert Vandalism in wikiHow

While most wikiHow articles improve with each edit, occasionally, an article may be altered in a destructive manner, due to vandalism. Follow this procedure to revert to a previous version of an article.


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    Click on the History tab, at the top of an article, to access all previous versions. You can also access the history by typing ?action=history on the end of the article's web address.
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    Search for the most current and well-written version.
    • Click on the time/date to see that particular revision.
    • To compare two revisions, click the radio button in the left column for the older revision, and click the radio button on the right column for the newer revision right on top of it.

    • Examine the "diff" page for vandalism. This is called a "diff" page because it shows the difference between two revisions. The old revision is on the left, and the new revision is on the right.
      • If something was removed, that section will have a pink background on the left.
      • If something was added or changed, that section will be in blue.
      • Any text that was changed will be shown in orange.

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    Click the "Undo" hypertext at the top of the bad edit.
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    Click on the Show changes button at the bottom of the article. This will show you the change you are making to the page by saving the current revision. Make sure the vandalism (and only the vandalism) is getting removed.
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    Type a good, informative summary of your edits in the Edit Summary box at the bottom of the article, and then click the green Publish button to save your changes.


  • Always make use of this procedure with good intention.
  • If an incident needs immediate attention, contact the Administrator Notice Board.
  • Do not revert if you simply disagree with an edit.
  • If you are a Registered editor:

    • Click on [rollback] to revert to the previous editor.
    • Click on [undo] to revert to the previous edit.
    • To clarify, click on [undo] and leave an explanation in the Edit Summary.


  • Editors that cannot cooperate may be blocked. Keeping this in mind, take great care when performing the revert function on other member's contributions that the edit you are reverting is the work of a vandal, not simply the edit you do not agree with.

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