How to Role Play on Invisionfree Forums

So you like to roleplay? Well there are many different ways to do so. This article is going to focus only on roleplaying through InvisionFree forums. This is not Dungeons and Dragons type role-playing; this is paragraph by paragraph written role-playing. You might ask why I am the authority on this subject. I have been role-playing on online forums for ten years and I have been using InvisionFree to do so for four.


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    Decide what sort of plot line you would like to be involved in. There are many different types of plots. Some are based on real life, some are based on television shows or books, and some are simply supernatural (real life with vampires and werewolves).
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    Locate the forums that use this plot line. Caution 2.0 is a good forum for this, they have lists of forums organized by type (real life, sci fi/fantasy, non-human) to make it easy to find what you're looking for.
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    Select a forum you think you would enjoy and carefully look over the important information. Make sure that the forum's layout is appealing and something you don't mind looking at for a long time. If the forum has a chat box, talk to some of the members. Above all, make sure to read the plot outline, rules, species information or member group information, anything listed front and center on the site as important. Look at the application and make sure that it is something you are willing and able to fill out.
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    Register for the forum if it still appeals to you. Each site is different in registration requirements and these will be listed in the rules. Most often you register with the first and last name of your character with normal capitalization. If you're having trouble picking a name for your character, try a random name generator, baby name website, or take inspiration from your favorite novels (just don't plagiarize).
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    Fill out the application, this normally consists of a coded outline of pertinent character information such as age, name, birthplace, nicknames, occupation, species or member group, play-by, personality, and history, Copy the application into a word document so you can work at your leisure.
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    Play-by is the term used in forum roleplaying for the celebrity face a roleplayer uses to represent their character. Most forums require a well-known/recognizable celebrity face to "look-like" the character. Make sure you check the face claims on the forum so you don't pick a face that's already been claimed.
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    Personality and History are very important parts of the application process, each of them can influence the other so pick which is easiest for you to start and just write. Be very careful with your grammar and punctuation in writing the history, most forums will use the history as a sample of your writing and a poorly written history could cause your application to be rejected.
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    Post your finished application in the section indicated by the site administrators. Most often it will be labeled "Pending Applications". Before posting make sure that you have filled out all the necessary information. There is a "preview post" button on InvisionFree forums that will allow you to see what the post will look like.
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    Once you've been accepted, create a plot page (also known as a shipper) for your character. These are pages where you say a little about your character in order to get them into plot lines or relationships with other characters. Also you should look at other plot pages and suggest relationships to others, waiting for people to come to you is not advisable.
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    Create or respond to an open thread, these are threads that are not tagged to a specific roleplayer or character, instead they can be responded to by anyone. If you would rather create your own open thread, simply pick a spot on the forum that your character is likely to be (the administrators will have made sections of the town that are available for character interaction) and write an open-ended post that shows where they are, what they're doing, and leaves room for someone to respond. If you are simply responding to an already created open thread, pick one that looks interesting and consider what your character would do in that situation.
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    Continue to post and respond as much and as often as you can handle. Make new plots, create new characters, whatever you want!


  • A lot of first time roleplayers find it easier to start off with a character that is like themselves.
  • Be kind and courteous to site administrators at all times and be sure you follow the rules of the site.
  • Never plagiarize, there are numerous people on these websites and it is very likely that they will know what you are copying. No one appreciates a copycat.
  • Most sites list a word count, each post is supposed to meet this count. However, for forums where no word count is listed, try to match what you receive from those you are writing with. If you can't do that, at least make sure that you give them plenty to respond to.
  • Do NOT write in all caps or all lowercase, leave out punctuation, or write in 'chat speak' (lol, brb, l8r). Use proper grammar and spelling as much as possible and spell check all of your posts.
  • If you can't find any sites with plots that appeal to you, start your own!
  • Caution 2.0 is useful for not only finding new forums but also for getting signatures (representative pictures of your play by to put on the website) and for finding codes that you can use in threads, plot pages, and other places. Caution can be found by typing "Caution 2.0 InvisionFree" into Google.

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