How to Run Eclipse

Eclipse is a set of powerful IDEs that can help any software developer efficiently create and develop projects in languages such as Java, C++, and PHP. They are free to download and easy to set up.


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    Download Eclipse. There are different Eclipse IDEs for different coding languages, and all of them can be found on Eclipse's downloads page.
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    Unzip the downloaded .zip file by using any appropriate software. The contents of the file should be a folder named "eclipse" containing the IDE's data. You can rename the folder if you wish.
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    Move the folder to your desired location if needed.
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    Execute eclipse.exe within the folder to launch Eclipse. Eclipse will create a new workspace if one does not exist already.
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    Navigate through or close the welcome page to begin creating projects within the workspace.


  • Workspaces can be manually renamed by renaming the workspace folder outside of Eclipse. Then opt to switch workspaces within Eclipse and select your newly named workspace. Eclipse will handle the change automatically.

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