Ways to Calm Down



Find a diversion

- Read a book or magazine to take your mind off your nerves.

- Read inspirational stories or quotes.

- Listen to music or watch a video that relaxes you.

- Do a crossword puzzle, or play an electronic game.

- Try lying down and taking a nap.

Breathe deeply

- Get comfortable and relax your muscles.

- Inhale deeply and hold it.

- Exhale and repeat.

- Try adding stretching to your deep breathing.

- Think positive thoughts, and avoid what's making you feel nervous.

Remove yourself from the situation

- Imagine you are somewhere else.

- Think about what each of your senses is experiencing in this peaceful place.

- Combine this visualization with music or deep breathing.

- Try going outside and getting some fresh air.

- Smile at someone or at yourself in the mirror.

Get physical

- Do some stretching exercises or take a walk.

- Try running or a more physical activity.

- Play a team or individual sport.

- Try yoga.

Indulge yourself

- Enjoy a healthy snack.

- Take a relaxing bath or shower.

- Treat yourself to a pedicure or spa treatment.  

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