How to Save Money Shopping Online in Australia

Unlike other Westernized countries with far more favourable shipping rates and competitive pricing on products, Australians often find themselves getting stung by high prices when shopping online. Fortunately though, there are some very simple ways to unlock hidden savings from online retailers to get discounts on items all year round.


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    Sign up to retailers electronic newsletters. Most big brand retailers have daily,weekly or monthly electronic newsletters that you can sign up to receive information on their promotional offers. Very often by signing up to either their newsletter or simply creating a free account with them you may receive a welcome coupon code giving you an instant discount. Examples include SurfStitch ($20 off orders over $100), The Iconic ($10 off orders over $50), Get Wines Direct ($10, no minimum spend), EziBuy ($20 off, which you’ll receive in the catalogue which they send you) as well as Amazon UK ($20 off when you sign up to their fashion newsletter).
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    Watch social media profiles.By liking your favourite brand’s Facebook page or following their Instagram or Twitter accounts, you’ll have a good chance of hearing about their discounts or upcoming sales first. This is down to the fact that most retailers choose to make these sorts of announcements via social media. Often, you may also find that certain discounts aren’t advertised anywhere else, particularly when it comes to flash sales.
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    Remember that coupons are king. Never shop without a voucher or coupon code as they’re easily accessible online these days, giving customers not only discounts on prices but free shipping in many cases as well. Always search Google and dedicated coupon sites for coupon codes at whichever store you plan on making a purchase from. If you’re not a regular coupon user, you’ll probably be surprised at how often you’re likely to find an active code giving you an instant discount.
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    Use auto-price comparison tools. There are a number of extremely useful web browser plug-ins available that make hunting for the lowest product prices online a breeze. Most only take a few clicks to install. Not only will they find the cheapest prices of the product you’re looking at, but they’ll also notify you of any active coupons available for that particular retailer.
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    Monitor international sales. With online shopping booming in Australia during recent years, a number of international retailers have taken note of this started shipping their products to Australia. The relatively high shipping fees that the average online retailer in Australia still charges is what, in many cases, makes it worth while shopping on overseas websites. Whenever there’s a lull in general sales or discounts locally, you now have the advantage of seeking out strong promotions from international retailers like Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales in the USA who may be discounting the exact product you’ve had your eye on. Popular categories of products that savvy shoppers use this tactic on often include games, electronics, and fashion.
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    Know the Returns Policy. Shopping online is generally very convenient and cost effective, but when you receive something you don’t really want, that’s when things start to become costly. To return an item in person is often only feasible with large chains who have numerous stores nationwide. Thus if you're forced to return something online, it generally means you’ll have to pay for return postage which in most cases can be expensive. If you're looking to buy an item you want no matter what, you can afford the risk. However, if you aren't 100% certain make sure that you read the returns policy for that retailer so that you don't get caught out in this way. You'll also want to keep an eye out for retailers who offer free returns within a certain period.
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    Enter competitions. The old saying “You’ve got to be in it to win it” rings true in this instance. The motivation for retailers behind running competitions is to reward dedicated fans and followers as well as attract new customers by giving away free items or discounts. With such a vast array of options out there, the rule of thumb should be that if it only takes you a very short period of time to enter, well then it’s worth a shot. The people who enter competitions on a regular basis could end up winning something at least a handful of times a year – and sometimes that “something” can be pretty substantial.


  • It's worth saving this list of steps somewhere easily accessible or printing off and sticking up a copy so that you don't miss any as you begin to hone your bargain hunting skills.
  • Over time you'll begin to develop an insight into the discount levels (both during sales and with coupons/vouchers) at retailers that you regularly shop with. This is invaluable as it'll help drown out the noise of all the constant promotions going on, allowing you to identify when the truly good value offers are available and shouldn't missed.
  • Whenever you price compare an item online, never ever do so against the RRP (it's a fictitious value). Always compare against the market price of the item, i.e. what the exact same item sells for at other retailer's websites.
  • If you see more than one coupon or voucher is available for a specific retailer, try and combine or stack them together during checkout to maximise your discount. The same logic applies to any promotions the retailer may be running (e.g. free shipping, 2 for 1 specials etc) as your objective should always be to get the best value for money possible.


  • If a website has an amateur feel to it and the price they're offering is significantly less than everywhere else, there's a good chance it's bogus and you won't receive your goods (or in the condition/quality promised).
  • Don't give in to impulse buys. There's always a way to get a better price on something you're interested in, it just requires a bit of patience sometimes and waiting for a new promotion or offer on it to appear.

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