How to Say Hello in Maori

Want an easy way to impress people with beautiful pronunciation and apparent fluency in Te Reo Maori - One of the native languages of Aotearoa - New Zealand? Learn to say hello.


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    Say hello to one person, informally.
    "Kia Ora"
    This is pronounced: Key or-rah.
    News readers on New Zealand TV stations usually say Kia Ora at the start of the news so listen to them, if you can, to perfect your pronunciation.
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    Say hello to one person, formally.
    "Tena Koe" This is pronounced Te Na Ko E. In Te Reo Maori, all the vowels are pronounced so Koe has two sounds, the co and the e.
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    Say hello to two people.
    "Tena korua"
    Sounds are, Te Na Kor Uh A.
    Don't forget to pronounce each vowel.
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    Say hello to three or more people. Use this greeting also for groups and big or small gatherings.
    "Tena koutou!"
    Te Na Ko Uh Too Uh.


  • Kia Ora can also be used to say thank you.
  • Learn to say what is your name? Ko wai to ingoa?

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