How to Say I Love You in Finnish

Finns are known for not being sentimental, but learning to declare love in their language might be the key to their heart. Minä rakastan sinua.


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    Recognize the subject in the line "minä rakastan sinua". Minä is subject of the sentence, the pronoun I. You may also stumble upon different variations, such as "mä" or "mie". They're very commonly used in spoken language and different dialects, and that is why using "mä" instead of "minä" might actually be a more casual way of telling one you love them (and a more believable one, too). 'Minä' is pronounced mi-næh and 'mä' is mæ (the ä being like the a in 'cat'). If you want to try the 'mie' one - commonly used in the Southern Karjala dialect, try saying mi-e.
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    Learn the verb of the sentence, to love, "rakastan". As in Spanish, there's a different verb for every pronoun, so dropping the subject "minä" and just saying "rakastan sinua" works just fine. Since it is the most important word of the sentence, you may want to get the pronunciation correct though. It's pronounced rʌ-kʌs-tʌn. So not like tan, the thing that happens to your skin in the summer, but tʌn. Like the o in 'love'. The initial letter r is rolled with the front of your mouth.
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    Learn the object of the phrase. The last word is the object of the sentence, you, "sinua". Just like the subject I, minä, this one has various versions. The most commonly used one is "sua", which is pronounced su-ʌ. The u is like the double o in 'foot'. 'Sinua' is pronounced si-nu-ʌ. The 'nu' syllable is pronounced much like 'to' but with an n.
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    Put it all together. So if you want to declare love in a formal situation, use "mi-næh rʌ-kʌs-tʌn si-nu-ʌ". Otherwise "mæ rʌ-kʌs-tʌn sua" is the way to go.

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